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I never really planned on ever having any sort of Etsy shop.  I’m not especially crafty or talented.  But nearly two years ago I sat down with a friend to learn how to crochet just to pass the time and have something to keep me occupied on car rides besides books and my iPhone.  I was about 8 weeks pregnant with Cannon at the time, so I had these cute little ideas in my head of crocheting baby booties and hats and what-have-you.  But that didn’t pan out for me.  It took me a solid year to finish one measly scarf.  I just didn’t get it and would get frustrated with it and put it down for a month, then pick it up and work obsessively for a day or two, then throw it down again in disgust.  Then I decided that I was not going to let the money I spent on crochet hooks and yarn and pattern books go to waste.  So I started working on it more, and reading more, and watching Youtube videos more.  And then it was like a light came on and I got it.  Finally!  I started hooking and haven’t stopped.

Then, when my husband lost his job a few months ago, I went into hustle mode.  I tried anything and everything I could think of to try to bring in some extra income {which is why you have seen the addition of sidebar advertisements and sponsored posts}.  I made the choice to make some Christmas gifts this year instead of buying all of them, and looked up some patterns to see what would work best.  Cowls, I decided, for all the women that needed a gift from me.  So I got to work.  Then a few weeks ago, as I sat in our house crocheting yet another cowl, I looked around me and thought, why don’t I start selling these things?  I was surrounded by a dozen cowls.  Instead of having them just folded up and sitting around until Christmas, why not sell them?  I could just make another one if one sold, and hopefully I could bring in some extra money.  So I started selling them around the office and taking custom orders.  After my third sale, I thought, why not take the next step and open an Etsy shop?  And so I did.

Take a look around, and I’d love it if you would share my shop with your friends!  It’s a fledgling little shop, but I am constantly making and adding new items.  I also take custom orders!

A few examples of my shop items:

Cabbagetown Cowl – $27

Ansley Infinity Scarf – $35

Morningside Coffee Cozy – $6

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