About the House of Burks

Welcome to the House of Burks.  I’m just a regular Southern girl and working mom with an amazing husband, two wonderful boys, and 130 pounds of dog spread out over two bodies.


The Mister and I have been married since October of 2004.  In May of 2006, the Mister’s job moved us to Atlanta, Georgia, where we have set up shop for the past seven years.  It has its ups and downs, but overall we have grown to love our life here in the Big Peach.  It is our children’s home and no matter where life takes us from here, Atlanta will always be the place our children were born so we will always have a special attachment to it.  We love God, Auburn football, Braves baseball, and our family and friends.  And the dogs.  Most of the time.

In this blog you will find ramblings about the daily goings-on of a working mom, rants and raves about politics, pop culture, and products I love or hate, as well as details about what Cole and Cannon are up to these days.  Oh, and pictures!  I don’t pretend to have an exciting life, so realism is the soup du jour every day around here.

Questions?  Comments?  Advice?  Have a product you’d like a Real Live Mom to review?  Want to advertise on my blog?  Comment here or e-mail me at houseofburks@gmail.com.

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