An Interesting Development

Hello there, blog fam.  All zero of you that still read this blog.  Is blogging as we know it dead?  I feel like I keep up with everyone I’ve followed the past few years via Instagram and Twitter.  Outside of the big names, which I barely ever read anymore unless they’re DIY or finance blogs, it seems like blogging as a whole is floundering.  I guess when it comes down to it, blogging is the original social media, and we all know how social media ebbs and flows.

But anyway.  It came time to renew my domain, and I honestly thought about just letting it go.  After all, it’s been months since I’ve even logged into WordPress.  But something in me just couldn’t let go.  So here I am, minus $60 in hosting fees and still with not too much to say.

Oh, there is one interesting thing that has been going on.  If you keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, you’re probably aware of what’s been going on with ye olde Burks family.  But in case you’re in the dark, here it is.



Two babies.  Twins.  Not just one.  Two.

I wish I could say this was the biggest shock of my life, but it honestly wasn’t.  Twins run in my family, I’m in my mid-thirties when the odds of having twins increase, and I’ve always had some feeling that one of my pregnancies would be twins.  I just didn’t know it would be the third one!  The ultrasound tech at our first doctor visit remarked that I was surprisingly calm for having just received such big news.  I had actually told my husband to prepare himself to see two babies in there, so I’m kind of excited that my intuition was spot on.

After being suchly validated, though, there has been much freaking out at random.  So far I have freaked out about doubling the amount of children in our house, where the babies are going to sleep, cloth diapering, starting completely over with baby clothes instead of trying to sort through what would be usable, nursing two babies at the same time, buying a bigger house, how I’m going to drive four kids around (thank God we just replaced my husband’s car in January with a full size SUV with a usable third row), traveling with four kids, what happens if my husband has to start traveling for work, getting the big kids to and from school with two babies in tow, how the big kids are going to feel once there are two new babies in the house, how I’M going to feel with two more babies in the house, and so on and so forth.  You name it, I’ve freaked out about it.  But after I calm down and think about what babies REALLY need, I realize that it’s truly not much.  Food, clothes, a place to sleep, clean diapers, a bath every few days, and a family that loves them.  We have that.  So what if our house is going to feel a little smaller now.  So what if we have to start looking at minivans in the fall.  So what if money is going to be tight for a few years.  It will all work out, simply because it has to work out.  Failure is not an option.

So that’s what has been going on around here.  We’ve got about five more months as an average-sized family of four, and then we jump straight into a supersized family of six.  It’s going to be a crazy ride, but I find that I thrive in the joyous chaos that is parenthood, so we should be just fine.

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