From Busted to Ballin’ {On A Budget}: Spray Paint Chair Update

When we moved to Georgia in 2006, we bought an average house in an average neighborhood for an average price.  We planned on being in that house for 2-4 years, and then we would be moving on to bigger and better things.  We never intended to be in this house and this neighborhood for longer than that, so I didn’t really settle into the house and just treated it as a stopgap on the road to our forever home.

It’s been 8 years.  We’ve brought 2 babies home to that house, and may possibly bring another home to it in the next two years, as we will likely still be living there.  So I’ve been bonding with my home over the last couple of years.  No matter how long I plan on living somewhere, I need to be happy in it.  And I’ve been happy in our house, but there are definitely aspects of it that I am unhappy with and it’s time to start changing those.

Our house is very plain.  Tan siding, white trim, mid-1980s split level construction with funky windows that are hard to dress.  The previous owners built a gigantic deck on the front of the house, which looks weird but it’s kind of nice to have that outdoor space, so it stays.  We’ve started replacing the boards on the deck as we get time and money with better quality treated wood since the old wood was apparently untreated and has not handled the elements very well.  But it’s still all tan and wood and boring.  The two plastic chairs and ottoman that were left on the deck had also seen better days.  One chair is broken and is being thrown out, but the other chair and the ottoman are in good shape.  Ugly, but usable.

Ugly plastic Adirondack chair

So I decided to fix them up a bit using my favorite home improvement tool: spray paint!  I’ve gone to town with a can of spray paint in my kitchen to update my ridiculous cabinet knobs, and also on our tired brass front porch light.  I was very pleased with both of those results, so I figured there was nothing to lose by adding some color to that sad looking chair.

First, I cleaned the chair and ottoman by spraying the entire thing down with Awesome and scrubbing it with a stiff bristled brush.  Dirt and grime just melt away with that stuff.  I made sure to get in all the nooks and crannies on the back and underneath both pieces to ensure a nice even paint seal.  May the spiders that had built their home on the underside of the chair rest in peace.  Then I put the chair and ottoman back in the garage to dry out until I had time to get to them again, which ended up being three days later.  So by that time they were good and dry.

I didn’t really have any kind of rhyme or reason when I chose the paint colors.  Truth be told, I let my kids pick out two colors that they really liked.  After I got them home, I realized that they had chosen colors that looked like Mike Wazowski and Sully from the Monsters Pixar movies.  Those choices would definitely provide that burst of color I wanted.  We went with Rustoleum Painter’s Touch X2 paint+primer (satin finish) in Green Apple for the chair, and Oasis Blue for the ottoman.

Then it was time to get to spraying.  I’m not a home improvement blogger so I don’t have a patented technique on the proper way to spray paint a piece of furniture.  I just…spray the paint on the furniture.  I turned the chair upside down in the driveway and sprayed the underside of the chair and legs, then turned it over and sprayed everything else.  Short even strokes, slight overlapping, avoid drippage, blah blah blah.  I just made sure that everything that was nasty and off-white got hit with bright apple green paint.  Same for the ottoman, except that its original color was dark green.  So I hit all the dark green with the blue paint.  I’m somewhat impulsive so I didn’t lay down any sort of tarp or do any other prep work before I painted, so there’s a bit of green and blue spray paint on it.  I’ll get to that sometime.

Here’s the only part of the post that people care about:  the before and after shot.

Pretty spray painted Adirondack chair

Quite an improvement, no?  I didn’t take a before picture of the ottoman {bad blogger!}, but here it is after being painted.

blue ottoman

And here they are in action on our nasty front deck.  Having the house painted is probably in our very near future since I can’t seem to wash the siding clean anymore.  Front door as well.  Oh well, at least my son is cute.  And I just noticed that his shirt matches the chair and ottoman almost perfectly.

Grand total for this project:  $10 for three cans of spray paint.  Not too shabby, especially considering the fact that as I left Home Depot with the paint I passed by a display of plastic outdoor furniture in these exact colors for $20 each.

I wonder how much it would cost to spray paint my house.

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