Five Things Friday

Here we go!  Five things that are buttering my bread this week:

Fresca.  I’ve given up caffeinated beverages again, hopefully this time for good, but I find myself still needing a little something bubbly in the mornings.  I’ve been a Fresca fan since I was a teenager, and we keep them stocked in the drink fridge at work, so I have started drinking them in an effort to fool my brain into waking up in the mornings.  It seems to be working fairly well.

Exercise.  Since my Mister has decided to start training for the Tough Mudder next year, we are both attempting to incorporate more exercise into our daily routines.  This happens to dovetail nicely with the start of ALTA tennis season.  I played in the fall of 2010 on a team with the director of the boys’ school, but then in January of 2011 found myself pregnant with Cannon and then had a newborn for the next fall season.  We had our first practice last night, and I was in heaven.  I don’t really like to exercise just to exercise, but I could run tennis drills all day long.  If I could play tennis every day I’d be the happiest camper you’ve ever met.  As it stands now, I’ll have practice one night a week {plus an additional night if I want to pay for the extra coaching} and matches on Sunday if I make it into the lineup.  I’d love to play more but I just don’t have the time.  So the rest of the week, I’ll be on the treadmill and doing very basic workouts at home.  It’s time to start reclaiming my former healthy, fit self {and getting back into some smaller pants}.  And according to MyFitnessPal, the hour and a half of tennis burned 1,000 calories.  I believe it, too.

Pirate parties.  Since Cannon’s due date was on Talk Like A Pirate Day, and since he was a little surprise stowaway, and since he has a bit of a piratey name, I’ve decided to go with a pirate theme for his first birthday party.  I’ve been scouring the internet and Pinterest for pirate party ideas and have some really cute things in mind for a little guy’s party.  And since I’m a slacker and just started planning it this week and have run out of time to order things, I’m am making the invitations myself.  I went all out cheesy piratey on them.  I am also including a “treasure map” of the park we are having the party that shows our exact location since it it a pretty big park.  The map will be a full size sheet of paper so that the tiny little legend will be readable.  I am not in the least bit graphically creative, so this is the best I could do.  What do you think?


Picmonkey.  As aforementioned, I am not blessed with graphic design abilities.  I basically need everything explained to me like I am five years old.  I also do a lot of stuff like this on my lunch break at work, where I do not have Photoshop {not that I know how to use Photoshop anyway}.  So I use Picmonkey a lot for basic photo editing and graphic needs.  I was able to create and modify both of the images above in about 10 minutes.  It is enough for the casual user such as myself, who occasionally needs to lighten up a photo or add some text or give a photo a crazy filter look just because.  You don’t have as much control as you would if you used Photoshop or Lightroom or other photo editing software so ti’s obviously not for professional use, but I’m no professional so it’s enough for me.


Football.  We are less than a week away from the start of the college football season!  We are an Auburn family and love to watch the Tigers hit the field as often as we can.  On our wedding day, we were in a bar with our friends watching the second half of the Auburn/Tennessee game {which was during Auburn’s undefeated 2004 season, and we were robbed of the chance to play for the national championship, BUT ANYWAY}.  When I leave for work in the mornings there is just the faintest hint of crisp fall air, and that reminds me that football season is just around the corner, and that means that we will be heading to the Plains several times for football and tailgating and good times with our friends.  War Eagle!


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