Say Hello to Mah Little Friend!

A little known fact about me and my Mister:  we love going to thrift stores.  Zac has a knack for finding clothing; about half of his dress shirts and “business casual” button-ups came from various thrift shops around the city.  He circulates his wardrobe about every six months or so, so whatever is bought from a thrift shop is often returned from whence it came.  As much as he changes up his clothes, the thrift shop is a really good place for him to find good clothes at a bargain.

I’m a hard fit at 6′ tall, so I tend to stick more to the housewares and books and records when we go thrifting.  One of my favorite finds is a mint copy of National Geographic with the Afghan Girl on the front.  It’s just one of those iconic items that everybody recognizes, and it is a prize among my collection of stuff.

I think I’m going to put it in a frame so four grubby little hands don’t have a chance to mess it up.

Anyway, this past weekend we decided to hit up a couple of thrift stores after church.  We grabbed some lunch at our favorite Mexican place, and then went to the first store.  I stayed in the car and fed the baby for that store so I didn’t get to peruse there, but Zac came out with a brand new shirt from Joseph A. Bank for about $3.  That is a score.  At the second store we all went in.  Zac only found a pair of Columbia shorts there, but I picked up a couple of things.

The first thing I saw was a little cookbook holder.  It needs some cleaning up but it has already served its purpose in my kitchen.  It’s possibly vintage and possibly handmade, and I think it has some character.

The second thing I saw was a cute little bunny candleholder.  The last thing I need in my house is another candle or breakable knickknack, so I thought this little guy might serve better as a kitschy paper clip holder at my office.  I burned the candle for awhile to soften up the wax, and then I dug it out with a butter knife and cleaned it out really well.

I had grandiose plans of painting it and making it all modern and whatnot {like all the pins on Pinterest that show you how you can breathe new life into an outdated tchotchke with a can of spray paint}, but the more I looked at this little guy the more I liked him.  Plus he has some weird bubbles in his mouth that might look strange if he was all one color.  So I think I’ll keep him as is.  For now.

See, he’s kind of cute, isn’t he?  Much more fun than that tired old plastic box I was using.

And can you tell that I’m digging the Hefe filter on Instagram lately?

I’m going to go ahead and post this since I don’t really have any other content, so I will just have to remember to link up at Harper’s Happenings for the next High on Thrifting linkup.  Or maybe I’ll have some brand new finds by next Thursday!

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