Pinterest Challenge: Refreshed Cabinet Knobs

It’s time for another Pinterest Challenge!  I just love these.


The Pinterest Challenge is hosted by Sherry at Young House Love and Katie of Bower Power, and this time they’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers:  Kate from Centsational Girl and Michelle of Ten June.  I love seeing what these people come up with for every challenge.

I had a few ideas lined up for this challenge, but I ran out of time to accomplish some of the bigger projects so I ended up settling for something a bit simple.  I decided to spruce up our kitchen cabinet knobs.  Here’s my inspiration:

Beauty and Bedlam

We moved into our house just over six years ago, and over these past six years we haven’t really had much time to spruce up the house.  We did get wood floors installed and painted the boys’ bedrooms, but other than that we’ve basically just dealt with the out of date paint and decor.  I’m getting tired of it so I’m finally starting to get the itch to do something about it.

Here’s what the cabinet knobs have looked like since the dawn of time {or for at least the past six years}:

Really bad.  Right?  And there are 27 knobs in the kitchen.  I seriously cannot believe I have looked at those monstrosities every day for the past six years.  They are all sorts of wrong.  The bright brass, the ugly white enamel, the stupid flowers.  So horrid.  Can you blame me for wanting to change them?  Didn’t think so.

So Zac and I ran to Home Depot to pick up some spray paint and some fine grit sandpaper, and then we got home and set to work roughing up the finish.

So.  Much.  Ugly.

Then we took all the horrible knobs down to the garage so I could put a coat of paint on them.  I love spraypainting things.  I used RustOleum metallic paint and primer in one, in Carbon Mist.  It’s a hair darker than oil-rubbed bronze, and shiny.

And I got to spraying.

I’ve always had good luck with this brand of paint.  The coverage is great and it goes on really well.  I put on one coat and then put on another after an hour passed, just to ensure that every last bit of ugly flower and brass was gone.  I couldn’t wait to get home this afternoon to see how they looked.

Here’s my finished product:

Isn’t that a HUGE improvement?!  I really couldn’t be more pleased with how these knobs turned out.  In our last house we had to install new kitchen cabinet knobs when we renovated the kitchen, so I know that they can add up in price.  I mean, 27 knobs at $3 each?  That can get pricey.  So a whole new look for the cost of a can of spray paint and a couple of sanding blocks is the preferred way to go in my book.

Of course, now that we have new pretty knobs Zac wants to strip the hinges, and if we’re going to take the cabinet doors off we may as well go ahead and paint them.  And if we paint the doors we might as well go ahead and paint the whole kitchen.  But if we paint the kitchen we are going to have to replace that horrendous hunter green Tron floor.  I also can’t believe I’ve been looking at this for six years:

So I see a quick fix of adhesive linoleum tiles in our very near future.

Let’s see what you accomplished for this Pinterest Challenge!  Head on over to one of the blogs I linked to above to join the link-up.  Show off your crafty side!

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