Thankful Thursday/Let’s Hear It For The Boys

So today we’re going to be doing a two-fer of Thankful Thursday and Let’s Hear It for the Boys!  And this week, I’m thankful for these two little boys.  They are my heart and soul, and after what happened to a sweet little boy in my family earlier this week, I am thankful for them more than ever.


I’m thankful for my wonderful almost 3-year old.  I’m thankful for his sweet spirit and how much he loves people.  Just yesterday during our trip to the grocery store, he put his arm around his baby brother and kissed him on the head, saying “I love you very much, Baby Brother.”  And then he squeezed his brother so tight that I finally had to tell him to ease up, haha.  I’m thankful that he loves his family so much.  Monday morning he told me that he didn’t want to go to school, he just wanted us all to stay home and play.  Just this morning while we were getting dressed for school and work, he said to Zac, “Daddy, I want to go to the pool tomorrow, with Daddy and Mommy and Coley and Baby Brother.”  I know the days are coming when I will hear “Mom, can you just drop me off around the corner and I’ll walk the rest of the way?” and “why do I have to take Cannon EVERYWHERE I GO?!?!” so I’m loving the here and now where he wants us all to be together as a family.

And that little guy.  Oh, how I love that little guy.  Cannon is my silly baby where Cole was serious.  Everything is awesome to him.  He wants to be right in the middle of the action, wants to get his hands on everything.  Every time he sees one of us enter the room, he lights up with the biggest one-toothed smile I’ve ever seen.  He is the biggest snugglebug.  He loves to be held and smooched on and tickled and squeezed, and we are all more than happy to oblige.  I can already tell that Cannon adores his big brother.  He wants nothing more than to be right beside him.  If Cole is playing on the floor, Cannon crawls over to him and helps him play.  I truly hope that they are the best of friends as they grow up.  I want them to love each other, but almost as importantly, I want them to like each other.  And I think that they will.

I am honestly so proud of my sweet boys.  I am so happy being a boymom.  I think I’m pretty good at the whole rough-and-tumble aspect of being a boymom, and I love how my boys are so sweet with their Mommy.  I love being the queen of my castle, and I am looking forward to life with these sweet boys!

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