You Suck, Installment 47.


Dear driver of this vehicle:

You are a douchebag. You’ve probably been told that all your life in some variation. Jerk, moron, @sshole, what-have-you. Pick your own derogatory name, one you think best describes yourself. You think you are so special, you can take up two spaces in a parking deck with limited spots on the second level. You need to take that mess to the bottom deck next time. You are not special. Your car is not awesome. It does not deserve two spaces. My boss drives a fully loaded Mercedes SL-63 AMG. If HE wants to take up two spots with his car that cost more than my house, he does it on the bottom level. So how about next time you want to look like an entitled douchebag in your early model Lexus SUV, of which there are 40 more in the parking deck just like it who somehow manage to park in ONE spot, you take that douchebaggery to the bottom level where it belongs. Douchebag.


Irrationally Annoyed by Your Douchebaggery

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