“Hey, I’m Cole and Cannon’s mom, nice to meet you.”

That is who I am.

Now, before you get all out of whack thinking that I only identify myself as a mother, do not fret.  I am many things {besides awesome}.  I am a mother, yes, and that is probably the defining label for me at this point in my life.  But I am also a loving wife.  I am a good friend.  I am a reliable coworker.  I am a daughter, a sister, a tennis player, a lover of books and music and social media.  I am many things outside of being these two boys’ mother.  I was Me long before I was a mom, and I’ll still be Me long after my kids are grown.

But to the parents of my children’s classmates, I’m Cole’s mom.  Or Cannon’s mom.  That’s my name.

This was proven this weekend when we attended one of Cole’s classmate’s birthday party.  We were all excited to go, as this was the first official classmate birthday party we have ever been able to attend.  And bonus: it was at Bounce-A-Rama.  Cole was in absolute heaven.

However, when we were on the way to the party, I was all of a sudden struck by the fact that I didn’t know a single parent’s name, except for the birthday girl’s mom.  And that was only because I e-mailed our RSVP to her, and her e-mail address was her first and last name.  But to the party we went, not knowing anybody’s name but those of the children who are in Cole’s class with him.

When we got there, I decided that I was just going to start asking parents their names.  Luckily, the birthday girl’s dad came and introduced himself to us, so that was one set of parents down.  I started chatting with another dad with whom we are friendly at class parties and such, and got his name and his wife’s name.  Then I sat down with Cannon and another mom came and sat with me, so I got her name and her husband’s name.  The more moms that sat, the more names I got. {I sneakily typed them all into a note on my iPhone so I could remember them.  I’m terrible with names.}

Turns out they were in the same boat as me.  We were all just So-And-So’s Mom to each other.  It appears to be our lot in life for the next 15 years or so.  And I think we’re all okay with that.

And now, because I like to post pictures, and because the pictures from the birthday party that is the subject of this post are all on my camera at home and I’m currently at work, here are some cute iPhone photos of my sweet little punkin from Sunday.  Enjoy.





And a scary one of Zac.  I was trying to sneak a picture of him Sunday night.  He caught me.  And it startled me when I went back to look at the picture, haha.


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