Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge!

Okay, I’ve been thinking about this since she posted yesterday, but I figured if I actually put it out there in the blogosphere I would be held somewhat accountable and actually DO it.  So here goes.

Sherry at Young House Love posted yesterday about the Pinterest craze of late.  We all pin all of these AWESOME things that we have every intention of doing or making or seeing or what-have-you.  But do we ever get around to actually doing or making or seeing?  Not usually, no.  I have very lofty goals of making all sorts of crafty items, but with a toddler and also being quite pregnant, I find myself without the time or the energy to do, make, or see.  But if I tell all of you people out here in Blogland that I’m going to do this, then I kind of HAVE to do it.  Right?  Right.

So, the marching orders from Sherry are as follows:

So here’s the part where I extend my arm with a warm smile and a wobbly curtsey and humbly invite you to join in and do your own spin on something you pin. You know, if you’re into that sort if thing. We figured we’d give everyone (and ourselves) the weekend to work on stuff and reconvene next Tuesday morning (the 2nd) to share our projects. We were hoping this thang (yes, I got twangy on you) could turn into a fun little creative par-tay for anyone else who wants to get in on the fun, so just drop in next Tuesday to see what we’ve done – and submit links to stuff that you’ve done so we can see what you’ve been up to. Maybe we’ll even pin it. And so the vicious cycle continues…

And for my inaugural Pinterest Challenge project, I have chosen something simple but cute.  Something that I can change with the seasons and freshen up when necessary.  My first project will be this lovely wooden doormat.

The idea originally came from Martha Stewart’s website, but I love the fun colors that Liz at Say Yes to Hoboken added.  I figure I would start out with some fun summer colors, and then as we move into fall I would simply repaint it in some more muted autumn tones.  Repeat for winter, spring, and back to summer.   Heck, I may even make one for the RV and football season, painted Auburn Orange and Navy, of course.  A fun twist would be to alternate lengths of wood to add more visual interest.  Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do.

Anyway, I think that this will be a great jumping-off point to get me going on some projects that I would love to do.  Surely it won’t take much time after I actually get started on it.  I’m thinking two hours from first cut to doorstep.  I’ll be on maternity leave starting in about two months, so I will try to take advantage of naptimes to work on some crafts and potential Christmas gifts.  You know, because I’ll have ALL THAT FREE TIME.  🙂

Are you on Pinterest?  What sort of interesting things have you pinned?  What sort of fun stuff could you make in a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon?  Check out my pins by clicking on the Pinterest icon over there on the right, or clicking here and following me!

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