This Week at the House of Burks 2011-07-17

  • I almost dread going to bed because I know the leg cramps are coming. #
  • Happy birthday to Jack White. So incredibly weird, yet I am still in love with him. #
  • New post: This Week at the House of Burks 2011-07-10 #
  • This Week at the House of Burks 2011-07-10 #
  • Today is a day that makes me want to do nothing. #
  • In bed by 9. The laundry can be folded tomorrow. #
  • Every morning I walk into the garage elevator bay and stand practically on top of the air conditioner. I know people think I'm nuts. #
  • Due to the overwhelming success of my slushie fund jar, I will soon be enjoying a delicious cherry slushie. Thank you to my contributors. #
  • Long day. Another early night. #
  • @thetarrpit Start doing just one arm out at first. Try that for a few days, then move to both arms, then torso, then legs. Gradually. #
  • Well, it came up a monsoon out there. #
  • New post: A lunch date with PaPaw. #
  • A lunch date with PaPaw. #
  • School story: Cole pooted today, and when his teacher asked if it was him, he told her "there's a dinosaur in my booty." Yes, really. #
  • How does one get to my blog by searching "party water blog birthday girls soft feet picture hose google images big lots of girls"? #
  • New post: 30 Weeks #
  • 30 Weeks #
  • To the theatre! #HP7 #
  • I got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one. #
  • I just purchased 54 ounces of Icee, against my better judgment. Need the refreshment, but now I'll have to go to the bathroom. #HP7 #
  • So far, Shuffle Songs has not disappointed. I like my beat down low and my top let back… #
  • I think pineapple is my new favorite pizza topping. #
  • Shooter at large in Midtown = Rachel's gun uncased and in her lap. #
  • Steve is getting angrier. I don't like it. #
  • After trying to get in for five years, I am FINALLY headed to America's Mart!! #
  • Rested up after the Mart. Ready to check out the brand spankin' new BuyBuyBaby and start shopping for Cole a mattress. #weekendwarrior #

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