Pregnancy Clumsiness

I consider myself to be a fairly dextrous person.  I played all manner of sports in high school, went to college on a tennis scholarship, and was always complimented by my coach on my stellar coordination and quick hands.  I was the tallest point guard on my high school basketball team because I was a good ball handler (that’s what she said) and could serve a volleyball anywhere I wanted to on the court.  One of my many talents is being able to untie any knot or tangled necklace you put in front of me.  I recently decided I wanted to learn to crochet, and even though I don’t have a lot of time to devote to my new hobby, I think it has come pretty natural to me.

So why, WHY I ASK YOU, did I spill a bag of Cocoa Pebbles, a container of raisins, and the same bowl of CJ’s Raisin Bran twice?  And drop my fork two feet from the kitchen sink after lunch?  And drop my razor four times in the shower?  And spill soda down the front of my white shirt at a baseball game last night?

I mean, I’ve heard of clumsiness during pregnancy, but the above is just a bit excessive.  Right?  Not to mention the many times I have literally fallen into the car because for some reason I didn’t lift my foot up high enough to clear the bottom of the car.

Yeesh.  I have seven more weeks left in this pregnancy.  I shudder to think what danger might befall me over the next seven weeks.  I should probably stay off stepstools at work.  And hold on to the handrails whenever I take the stairs.  Better yet, I should probably stick to the elevator at work.  Hopefully the clumsies will go away soon after this baby is born.

Mommas, how did you deal with the pregnancy clumsies?  Is there any hope for me?

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