A Blog Award!

I have never gotten a blog award before!  Thanks, Laura Jane!  I guess I’ve always been sort of a “lone wolf” in the blogosphere.  I’ve had friends here and there who blog, but I have never been part of a blogging community, if you will.  Well, I guess LiveJournal counts as a blogging community.  But anyway, I am very glad that Laura Jane thought of me for this award.

For the “Beautiful Blogger” award you need to:* Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
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* State 7 things about yourself.

Hmm, I am not sure of the extent of my readership right now.  This is my newest blog incarnation, and I haven’t brought over any readers from my other blog in an effort to remain sort-of semi-anonymous and build a readership from the ground up.  So if you are a reader, I’d love to hear from you so I can link to you over there on the right.  Leave me a comment with your blog link!

Seven things about me:

1.  I am very tall for a woman.  Six feet tall, to be exact.  It has its advantages, but can also be annoying.

2.  I love pop culture bandwagons.  Harry Potter, Twilight, True Blood, various television shows, I will give them all a try.  And don’t get me started on social media.  My MySpace ID only has 5 digits.  Meaning I was one of the first 100,000 people to sign up.  When something new comes out, I instantly sign up for it so I can say I was an “early adopter.”

3.  I feel like I’m in my element as a mother.  It is the most natural feeling in the world to me.

4.  I’m a technophile.  I love gadgets and gizmos.  I don’t know what I ever did before smartphones.

5.  My hubby is a stud.

6.  I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.  Right now I’m really unhappy with how I look, but every time I try to diet or exercise, my milk supply tanks.  That said, I’m very much looking forward to weaning so that I can get back on the exercise train hardcore.

7.  We have lived in this house for four years, but it does not remotely feel like “home.”  “Home” is in Birmingham, Alabama, and no other place will ever do.  I hope the Mister’s career path takes us back home eventually.

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The return of STTN.

Sleeping Through The Night.  We haz it (again).

Even if it’s just for one night.  One glorious night.  One full night’s sleep is enough to make me feel like a brand new person.

CJ has been a great sleeper since he was around 8 weeks old.  He started STTN and really only had a couple of hiccups since then (except for the 4-month wakeful, which lasted nearly an entire month).  But he has been waking up either around midnight or 3am for the past two weeks, and the interruption in sleep has been absolutely killing me.  I don’t get a large quantity of sleep in a given night, so it’s nice when the sleep I get is quality.  But with his recent sickness, coupled with what I think is a growth spurt, CJ has been waking at night.  Sometimes once, sometimes several times.  Sometimes he would wake up and want to party for a couple of hours.

Night waking = miserable Mommy.

But LAST NIGHT!  He slept all night again.  We had an errand to run yesterday evening, so we got home after his bedtime.  I thought that meant we were in store for a restless night.  But lo and behold, the little guy slept great.  I actually had to go wake him up at 7:30 this morning because I was about to explode.  He had rolled onto his belly and was snoozing soundly.

And today (well, as of right this moment), I feel like  million bucks.  After two weeks of disrupted sleep, I finally feel rested.  It’s wonderful.

I am the first person to judge parents who complain about lack of sleep when they have a newborn at home.  What did they expect?  What did they think was going to happen?  My response when people with children under two months of age complain about being sleep-deprived: “if sleep is that important to you, you should’ve thought of that before you had a child.”  I know, it’s kind of mean.  I always follow that statement up with “it gets better soon.”  Because it does.  I think people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to sleep and their newborns.  Newborns need to eat every 2-3 hours.  How can you expect them to sleep when their tiny tummies are asking for food?  They are still figuring things out.  The world is a new, big, scary place to a newborn, and when you don’t know how to soothe yourself back to sleep if you wake up then you need your mommy or daddy to comfort you.  I hear stories on message boards about mothers who let their two-week old babies cry it out in hopes that they will sleep, and it breaks my heart for those babies.  I understand the frustrations of a sleep-deprived mother, but call in some back-up if you need to rest.  Don’t let your newborn cry themselves into exhaustion so you can get a few moments of shut-eye.

All that being said, when your baby starts STTN at 8 weeks and you get accustomed to getting a decent night’s rest, and then all of a sudden it’s taken away from you, I completely understand feeling put-upon in that situation.  Because I was miserable.  Even for two short weeks, when I would have told any other mother to power through, it was getting to me.  I was to the point where I was considering CIO (cry it out) even though the thought of it broke my heart.  I hate to hear CJ cry.  I couldn’t imagine not going to comfort him when he is upset.  But sleep deprivation will make you reconsider your stance on a lot of issues.  I understand that CIO works in the vast majority of instances, and is often necessary to help (older) babies learn how to put themselves back to sleep, but I just hoped upon hope that I would never have to do that with my child.  But I got to that point, people.  After two weeks of no sleep, I WAS THERE.

Now comes the part where I pray and hope and cross every finger and toe that he does it again tonight.

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My son is taking a little catnap on me after his evening nursing session.  For the past twenty minutes, I have been attempting to pick a dried up booger from his nose without waking him.

I did it.

And I mean that booger was IN THERE.  As in NEVER coming out.

But persistence is key, and I got that booger good.

Of course, now it’s time for him to eat, so I’ll have to wake him anyway.

But still, I got that booger.

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To Mac or Not to Mac?

That is the question.

Back when we figured a rough estimate of the Mister’s bonus, we decided that we would each get a “fun money” allowance out of it, and the rest would be used to go toward the car.  With that plan, we are likely going to cut the principle balance of our  car loan by over half  (and it is not a small loan).

Aside: the car in question is a 2008 Chrysler 300.  With a rolled over balance from our previous vehicle.  But don’t get me started on that.

Anyway, I just spent some Christmas cash on a new Coach handbag, and that was after wracking my brain to think of something to buy for myself.  I couldn’t even imagine trying to think about spending another $500 or so on myself.  I am content with my belongings and really don’t want for anything.

So the Mister broached the subject of purchasing a Mac laptop to replace his crappy Dell.  He has been having nothing but trouble from this laptop for almost a year, so I’m not opposed to him getting a new laptop by any means.  He travels a lot and would get a lot of use out of a new computer.  Plus, he presented it more along the lines of getting a new laptop for “us” as opposed to just “him.”  So I’m okay with that.  We have used iTunes for awhile.  I have an iPod Classic, and he has a new iPod Touch, and we are both very pleased with them.

I admittedly have never researched Mac computers, having been brought up on the teat of PCs for my entire life.  I have several friends who are to-the-death Cult of Mac Koolaid drinkers, though, and they have been touting the glories of Apple for years.  So I’m intrigued.

I’m also skeptical.  Can it really be that much better?  Would my user experience really be worth the drastic increase in price?  I’m perfectly happy tooling around on my miniature little netbook, although sometimes I wish for something with a little more oomph.  But still, $1,200 seems an awful lot to spend on a computer.  But having been through two laptop crashes and one desktop crash due to viruses and malware, I’m so tempted to make the move simply because you just don’t hear about Macs being riddled with viruses and computer baddies.

Along that vein, what if we get a Mac laptop and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT?  If a Mac is so awesome and wonderful and resplendent and glorious, then my little netbook just won’t do anymore.  The desktop in our office will go the way of the dodo and we’ll have to get a Mac desktop.  And then I foresee an iPad or two in our future simply because we’re gadget people and like to have as opposed to have not.  So that’s a lot of money spent. 

What if what if what if.  I’ve never heard of an unsatisfied Mac user.  If the Mister decides that this is what he wants to spend his fun money on, then I’m okay with it.  As long as the rest of the bonus goes on my car.

In other news, we are going off the grid this weekend and escaping to the North Georgia Mountains.  The Mister has rented us this cozy little cabin for a long weekend of hiking, fishing, and plain old relaxing.  Mister and CJ are ready for our adventures:

I’m looking forward to chilling out on those beautiful porches and relaxing in the hot tub.  I will miss the doggies, but maybe next time they can come with us since most of the cabins are pet-friendly. 

This past weekend we participated in a 5k for Foundation Fighting Blindness.  The weather was mediocre, a little chilly, but not rainy.  CJ behaved fairly well right up until after the walk when we were eating lunch at Subway.  Before the walk, he got his picture taken with a local Atlanta celebrity:

The Atlanta Falcon!  He liked CJ so much that he wanted to keep him.  Who can blame him, though?  CJ loved the Falcon.  He giggled up a storm and couldn’t wait to give him a hug. 

Today everything was back to normal.  The Mister and I both went to work and CJ went back to school after being out most of last week with that nasty cold.  Hopefully we will get back in the swing of our normal routine and CJ will resume sleeping all night.  The past few nights he has woken up around 2 or 3 a.m., and it is killing us all.

Thanks for stopping by.

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