CJ's First Easter!

This past weekend we had had the pleasure of going “home” to Birmingham, Alabama for Easter.  Our weekends back home are typically hectic and usually fun, but for some reason we all just had a great time.  None of us wanted to leave on Sunday.  🙁  But all good things must come to an end.  At least we took a metric ton of pictures!

Aren’t we just a cute little family?  Forgive the bruise on my knee, I’ve no idea from whence it came.  Isn’t the Mister so very handsome?  I think so.

This is the one we call Red, for obvious reasons.  She is also known as CJ’s Grandmommy, and she is the one who loves him the most (besides us, of course).

My silly father, or Big Poppa, thought it would be funny to try on CJ’s tiny baby clip-on tie that went with his suit.  CJ was more interested in Big Poppa’s moustache.

CJ’s first Easter basket, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids.  His name is embroidered on the back of it, and it is just the cutest thing.  Of course, we had to find a place for the ever-present Elmo, and the bunny was a gift from Red.  It is the baby rabbit, or Little Nut-brown Hare, from the book Guess How Much I Love You.  Big Nut-brown Hare also came with him, and a nice big book.

CJ got a smooch mark from Red’s lipstick on his eyebrow.  Luckily it matched his tie.

I had a little fun with my mom’s Canon EOS Rebel.  The Mister and I are typically Nikon people, but we were so pleased with the photos from yesterday that we are seriously considering a Canon DSLR now.  The Mister was a photographer in a previous life (or a few years ago) and has even sold photos for publication, and I think having such an adorable subject has awakened his love for photography again.  This is a hobby that I would actually encourage, unlike some of his past hobbies, such as buying junk cars with intentions of fixing them up, only to have them sit in my garage for seven months until they are finally donated to charity for the tax write-off.  I wasn’t very fond of that hobby.  And this is something that could easily produce a little extra income for us, so even better for me to encourage it.  I used to assist him on his shoots when he did sports photography and team pictures, so I would gladly step in and help him in any way he needed. 

We took some pictures at church with Uncle K and Aunt J and CJ’s new baby cousin, but they are all on the Mister’s mom’s camera and she hasn’t sent them to us yet.

Every time we go “home” for a visit, it just reinforces the fact that where we are right now isn’t really home to us.  We have lived in this house for four years and it still doesn’t really feel like our home.  Our families are both in Birmingham.  We grew up in Birmingham.  When we are there, we feel at ease and comfortable.  Even though it’s been four years since we moved to Atlanta, we haven’t really put down roots because somewhere in the back of our minds we thought/hoped that the Mister’s job would bring us back to Birmingham eventually.  Neither of us really thought we would be here this long.  We go to church here and have friends from work, but other than that we just haven’t really reached out and gotten involved in our community.  I guess we should try to plug in to a group of parents with children around CJ’s age, maybe some of the other daycare families or something.  Sigh.  I know Birmingham is not as cosmopolitan as Atlanta.  There’s not that much to do there when compared to the flurry of activity we seem to be surrounded by constantly.  And we take advantage of the activity.  We go to restaurants and baseball games, to the aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park and the museum.  We’re not miserable here, but I know everyone would be happier if somehow we could magically move back home.  Pout.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Anyone thought about funding my iPad purchase?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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I want an iPad.

There.  I said it.  I have gone full-on Koolaid-drinking Cult of Mac.  I want everything Apple makes.  I want to trade in our desktop PC for a Mac.  I want to feed my laptop PC to a wood chipper and get my own MacBook Pro.


If you’d like to donate to my iPad fund, please e-mail me or leave a comment.  Kthxbye.

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Dear Blue Pen Stealer….

Dear Blue Pen Stealer,

I know who you are.  I know it was you that stole my blue pen.  MY blue pen that I buy with my own money to bring to work because the pens they provide are crap.  Why do you continue to steal my blue pens?  Why, especially, when you are a partner, and thus make four times my salary?  Can’t you purchase your own blue pens?  Better yet, can’t you use the blue pens that are already in your office that you have stolen from me and my contemporaries?  There are scads of them lying about in your office.  I have seen them with mine own two eyes.  There is one on your desk at this very moment.  Why did you see fit to steal my ONLY good blue pen?  Could you please return it?  Thank you.


Penless Underling

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