State of the Weight Wednesday on Thurs… uh, Friday {With Pics!}

Better late than never, right?

This week was pretty good for me.  I lost another two pounds and hit the 20 pound mark!  It feels good to hit a milestone like that.  And while I didn’t get my full servings of fruits and vegetables every day, I did increase fruits and veggies and that’s better than nothing.  I did get all of my planned exercise in, and continued with my core challenge.  I took my measurements yesterday just to see what my progress is looking like, and I’m down over an inch everywhere (two in each thigh!), except for my stupid fat arms.  I really need to incorporate some more arm and shoulder exercises to get these encased sausages toned up.

I’m also still tracking my food and exercise pretty faithfully.  It’s just something that has become second nature to me now.  Although I will be honest, I mostly track it all just to see how much exercise I have to do at night to get the calorie deficit I need for the day.  If I’m pretty well under my TDEE, then I might take a rest night.  🙂  Our USTA tennis season is over and I have a couple of weeks before we start ALTA practices, so I am going to have to do something a little different to vary my workout routine now that I’m not burning 1,000 calories twice a week.  We visited the gym where we get a corporate discount through Zac’s work, but after thinking about it we have decided that it’s just not in the budget right now.  It would be $80 a month for both of us and childcare for both boys, and I’m just not willing to part with that money right now.  They did offer us a deal that would save us $20 a month off that price, but it came with a hefty initiation fee.  Blah.  If I’m going to pay a $300 startup fee plus first and last month’s membership dues just to join the gym, I may as well just spend that money on a home gym and be able to work out any time I want.  So I think we are probably going to go that route for our anniversary or Christmas gift.  My parents had a home gym and I used it a lot in high school, so I am pretty sure I will stay motivated enough to actually get my workout on now that I am starting to see some results.

In my head I know 20 pounds is a lot of weight, and I’m happy that I’m starting to notice it in the mirror and the way my clothes are fitting.  Sometimes I do get frustrated that I can’t see weight loss immediately.  But I’m a large woman with a large frame, and my weight is fairly evenly distributed so when I gain and lose weight I gain and lose it everywhere.  It makes it easy for weight to creep on without noticing, and makes it really hard to notice weight loss.  Sure, it would be nice to be able to lose 5 pounds and have people ask me if I’ve lost weight.  But it’s just not my reality.  Losing 5 pounds is not going to be as noticeable on me as it is on someone who weighs 145 pounds.  But every pound and every inch lost is a step toward a healthier lifestyle.  And I’m finally starting to see some results.

And now, since I’ve hit somewhat of a weight loss milestone, I’d thought I’d show you the fruits of my labor.  The photos on the left are from early April, when I started the first weight loss challenge.  the photos on the right are from today.  This is what a 20 pound weight loss looks like on a 6 foot tall, :mumblemumble: pound woman.

I still have a long road ahead of me, but I’m really pleased that I am starting to see some results.  I’m going to keep these photos on my phone as motivation to keep pushing forward.  Slow and steady, slow and steady.

Goals for this week are to continue exercising 4 days per week, keep up with my core challenge, and to consume at least 29 grams of fiber at least 3 times between now and Thursday.  I will be heading to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up on fiber-rich foods.  I see a lot of apples, raspberries, and beans in my immediate future.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight!

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