State of the Weight Wednesday

These Wednesdays keep coming faster and faster.

Nothing much to report.  It appears as if I am down a pound, which I can probably attribute to a grueling three hour, three set tennis match on Sunday.  It was a tough one.  If I could play tennis every day, I would be the happiest girl in school.

My weight loss challenge started last Thursday, and my beginning measurements were the same as my ending measurements for the last challenge, so yay for maintaining?  The first week’s challenge is always to drink half your body weight in ounces of water.  For me, that is a looooooot of water.  But I have faithfully chugged my daily challenge intake, and I think I’m getting used to drinking so much.  There is not very much room left for sodas or tea or coffee after downing so much water.  I figure if I can clear 60 ounces by lunch time, I am able to coast the rest of the day with leisurely water intake.  It has worked pretty well, but I haven’t peed this much since third trimester.

I also started mt 30 day ab challenge on Monday.  My abs hurt so much today that I can’t even suck in my gut.  You never know how much you use your core muscles for until every move brings you pain and suffering.  But I’m hoping that after a few days it will start to hurt less.  It is only 15 minutes out of my day, so I will persevere.  Last night I ran two miles before doing the ab work.  I don’t know if that helped or hurt, but at least I got my cardio in for the day.

Even though I’m not seeing the number on the scale move as fast as I would like, I can definitely see a change in my body.  My clothes are fitting differently and starting to get a little looser.  The jeans I’m wearing today were bordering on tight at the beginning of the last weight loss challenge.  Today I can pull aside over an inch of denim without stretching it.  Maybe it’s time for some new jeans!


I need to continue to follow the challenge goals to the letter.  I’m proud of myself for making it through a week of drowning in water, and hopefully that will continue indefinitely.  My goal for this week is to not go crazy with my eating over the long holiday weekend.  I need to get back to cleaner eating and packing a healthy lunch and snacks.  Today I caved and went to the restaurant downstairs for lunch.  I got a chicken sandwich and fries {which I have found I don’t really enjoy anymore unless they are of the waffle variety}.  The sandwich was so poorly constructed that I couldn’t even eat it.  The bun was soggy by the time I got back to my office, so I ate maybe a third of it and put the rest away.  I can use the chicken in tonight’s dinner.  But I have found that I will no longer force myself to eat high calorie “treat” foods if I am not absolutely 100% enjoying them.  And that means that the soggy chicken sandwich from downstairs gets the axe.  I’m still mad that I spent $7 on a meal that brought me no satisfaction whatsoever.  I would rather eat a healthy meal and splurge on a few bites of a tasty dessert that I know I’ll enjoy.  So next week I am going back to preparing my own lunches.

I also plan on exercising four days a week for the month of July.  Hopefully that will become a habit and just something I do.  People tend to make time for things that are important to them.  If I want exercise to become one of those important things for me, I am going to have to make time for it.

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy Independence Day!

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