@MIRABrands Digital Kitchen Scale Review

{Disclosure/disclaimer/don’t say I didn’t warn you:  I was provided with a free kitchen scale for purposes of this review.  All opinions are my own.  And they are right.  All the time.}

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by MIRABrands to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their digital kitchen scales. Overlooking the fact that they obviously had to be tapping into NSA files to see that I had been looking at kitchen scales online for a few weeks, I happily agreed. My Compact Digital Slim Design Scale arrived last Monday and I’ve been putting it to the test since then.

First things first. This scale is slick. The surface is stainless steel which also makes it easy to clean. Very modern looking yet unassuming. It would fit in with virtually any kitchen decor. I leave my scale out all the time since it is so small and pretty. Plus I like to cook and bake from scratch and this makes it easy to get the measurements exactly right for some more finicky items that require precise measurements, without having to dig around for it whilst covered in flour.  But if you are the type of person who likes clear counters in the kitchen, then this scale could easily be stored in a drawer or cabinet.

Ease of use is important to me in the kitchen. I’m a simple woman who doesn’t like complicated kitchen gadgets. My cast iron skillet, my KitchenAid mixer, and my trusty spoontula are the most heavily used items in my kitchen. My parents gave me a very nice food processor for Christmas, but I’m so intimidated by it that I haven’t even gotten it out of the box yet. I plan to do that soon, though. Anyway, this kitchen scale is very simple and easy to use. It doesn’t get any simpler than two buttons. One button turns the scale on and off and zeroes it out for when you are measuring items in a bowl or cup, and the other button changes the units of measurement {grams, ounces, and pounds}.

I love that I can measure things in a container and still get their exact weight.  Years ago we had a spring scale and I would have to weigh the plate or container first, then weigh it with the food on it, and subtract the weights.  I don’t math good, people.  With this scale I just put the bowl on, zero it out, and add the ingredient until I get to the weight I need.  So easy.

This scale has made it simple to keep track of my calories by measuring portions precisely, which has been very helpful on my never-ending quest to lose weight. It’s nice to have an exact weight rather than trying to guesstimate. Overall, I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a digital kitchen scale. The only slight issue I have with this scale is that the digital display is very bright and can be difficult to read when I am standing upright.  However, I am six feet tall and our kitchen counters are low, so this is likely more of a Big Girl Problem than an issue with the product.  No biggie, I just lean down a little bit to get some of the glare off.

This scale costs $15.99 and you can order it from Amazon.com. by clicking this link.  I think this is a quality product and I am very glad that it has found its way into my kitchen. Thanks to MIRABrands for sending me this awesome scale!

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