Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today I graduated from college.  I was done, got my degree, ready to go out and be a big girl in the real world.  Five years of classes and SGA and tennis matches and tournaments and apartments and dorm rooms and sorority obligations and part time jobs and tests and finals and fees and costs.  It was all over.  It was a very important event.

But it wasn’t the most important thing that happened ten years ago today.

Ten years ago today, I attended a graduation party thrown by a friend in my apartment complex.  It was a big party full of mostly Pikes (Pi Kappa Alpha) and Alpha Gams (Alpha Gamma Delta, my sisters) since there were a several Alpha Gams dating Pikes at the time and they were the fun group on campus that year.  I saw this guy that I had seen around a few times but didn’t really know him.  I just knew his name was Zac and he grew up near where I did and we went to semi-rival high schools.  He was cute, but I didn’t know much about him other than that so I didn’t feel one way or the other about him.  I really just talked to him because I was hitting that chatty point in the evening and he happened to cross my path.  Innocent enough.

But a seed was planted.

Over the next few weeks, we kept finding ourselves in the same place.  The next time I saw him was a a mutual friend’s wedding.  We exchanged numbers.  He smacked my butt.  But I didn’t think anything of it.  I figured there wasn’t any way he could possibly be seriously interested in me, so I just went about my merry way.

A few weeks later, another mutual friend was in town from Chicago, so a big group of us met downtown to bar hop.  This guy was there again.  I was with my BFF at the time, and this guy’s best friend had his eye on her.  So I got wingmanned.  Zac’s friend had dispatched him to get me out of the way so he could put the moves on my friend.  Which didn’t work, by the way.  But Zac and I ended up hitting it off really well.  Or so I thought.

Radio silence for the rest of June.  Then a phone call out of the blue on Independence Day to see if I was busy and did I want to hang out with him that night.  Sure, why not, I had no plans.  We had an okay time but then I heard nothing from him until early September when I needed help picking out a new stereo system for my car.  I remembered he had some kind of fancy system in his car and worked near the Tweeter, so I called him up to see if he would help me.  He came down to the store and helped me pick out some new speakers and head unit, and then we went out to dinner.  A week later he showed up at my install to keep me company.

Then nothing for two weeks.  {Why are guys like this?  Seriously.}

A couple of weeks later, I was in my car heading downtown to go dancing with some girlfriends.  I was really early so I was going to head to a coffee shop to kill some time.  He called and asked me to meet him and some friends at a nearby country bar.  I figured why not, I had some time to kill.

And that, as they say, was history.  Our first “official” date was a week later, on October 3rd.  364 days later, we were married.  That night I got wingmanned?  My last first kiss ever. And I fully believe in divine intervention, because the night I received that phone call in late September I met another really cute guy while out with my girlfriends, and he called me up and asked me out for the next weekend.  I had already made plans with Zac, so I had to turn him down.  After that first date I was done for.  Game, set, and match.  I knew that this was the man I was going to marry.

It’s so hard to believe that ten years have passed since I decided to just go ahead and talk to that cute guy.  Best decision I ever made.

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