I gave birth to a tiny Robert De Niro.

My children are hilarious.

Just the things they say and do amuse me to no end.  I love watching them go about their little business.  I love watching Cole talk to his friends because he gets this look on his face while he is happily chatting about something that just owns me.  I love watching Cannon copy his big brother’s every move and try to repeat after him, garbling his words and coming up with something even more hilarious.

Like any mom, I love to take pictures of my kids.  Thank God for the iPhone, right?  It puts a decent camera in your hands at virtually all times.  I can catch them doing things in the moment that I could never stage.  I get expressions and poses that I could never get them to do again.  I can capture their personalities on the fly.  More specifically, the contrast in their personalities.

Yesterday morning I sat the boys down for a snack.  They were sitting there so sweetly, munching on Goldfish crackers and watching Sesame Street.  So I decided to take their picture.  I picked up my iPhone and told them to say “cheese!”

This is what I got.

Cole, my male Mini-Me, is sitting there so sweetly, with a little smile on his face and chipmunk cheeks stuffed with crackers.  Cannon looks at me as if to say “I’m eatin’ here!  Goldfish, Ma!  Do you see the Goldfish?!”  It works best if you read it in Robert De Niro’s voice.  Maybe Joe Pesci.  Either way, the adorableness of these two yoots is obvious.

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