Working Mom Woes: Child Retrieval

WMW Walk of Shame

Unfortunately, this happens more often than I care to admit.  I just can’t help it sometimes.  Atlanta traffic is so unpredictable that leaving a mere two minutes later than I should could result in an additional 45 minutes added to my commute.  So sometimes I screech into the parking lot at 6:35, race into the school, and see my little guy sitting there on a bench, backpack on and happily eating a snack, completely unaware of the stink-eye that I am getting from the people who had to wait for me.  They are very understanding, but I always imagine stink-eyes starting at around 6:15.  They give you the same look you got from people who were on campus early the night after that huge party and you have to walk back to your dorm room carrying your heels, hair a mess, and wrapped in some ratty t-shirt that you stole out of the closet from an unsuspecting fraternity pledge.

AND FOR THE RECORD:  I was that nerd on campus early giving you the stink-eye.  😉

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