The Shiner: A Boymom Rite of Passage

Yep.  My little man has his very first black eye.  Holding him down was the only way I could get a proper picture of it, by the way.

Given to him, of course, by his older brother.  Now my eldest is quite the pacifist, lest you think that he just hauled off and whacked him or something.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Cannon is basically a 19-month old hurricane.  He chases Cole around the house from sun-up to sundown on weekends.  The only reprieve my almost 4-year old {aside: OMG FOUR} has from his little brother is naptimes and school during the week.  Cannon has lately taken to trying to pull Cole down by yanking on his shirt.  Friday evening, he succeeded in grand fashion, resulting in that shiner.

That child.  He is my rough and tumble, fearless scrapper.  He has no problem taking whatever he wants.  While I admire his spunky, grab life by the balls attitude, I’d love it if he could restrain himself from engaging in physical violence, both for his own sake and his brother’s.

Sigh.  And I’ve got many, many more years of black eyes ahead of me.

{On another note, those baby blues absolutely own me.}

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