Why You Shouldn’t Uninstall Norton 360 From Your Computer

Norton 360 is often hailed as one of the most comprehensive online security programs available, along with its sister programs, Norton 360 and Norton 360 Premier. But sometimes, even when these programs have done you justice, you might want to uninstall them. Before you decide to get rid of Norton 360, you should think about what you’re losing and what you are exposing your computer to so you can make a logical, informed decision.

• Taking the new Norton off of your computer means taking away 24×7 protection for your computer, your data, your information and your identity.

• When you no longer have a strict firewall on your internet browsers and on your computer, hackers and malware have free reign to download, install and wreak havoc on your system and on your life.

• Taking the new Norton off your computer means that you won’t be protected on your social networking sites and through your email.

• Taking the new Norton off your computer means you won’t be able to track your kids’ activities online and keep them safe.

Remember, using the new Norton is about keeping you and your family safe at all times when you’re on the computer. Keep it installed and let it do its job. If you are silly and decide to uninstall Norton 360 from your computer then you will live with regrets and what ifs as you will one day be a victim of online hacking.

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