It’s finally happening! I think. Maybe?

I almost don’t want to speak it for fear I might jinx it.  But I think it might finally be happening.  After just shy of seven years in this house.  Seven years.  Two kids.  Countless plans and wishes and hopes and dreams.  It’s finally happening.

We are starting work on the dining room.

We don’t have a dining room.  Well, we do have a dining room, but it isn’t being used as a dining room.  Funny how one of my requirements when we were house hunting was SEPARATE DINING ROOM.  And it has been a dining room at some point over the past seven years.  My uncle gave us my great grandmother’s old kitchen table, which had been all nailed together and nearly beheaded Zac when one of the leaves popped out while he was carrying it in the house.  When Cole came along we decided that we didn’t really use the dining room for its intended purpose and converted it into a playroom, promising that we would get a table and chairs for the kitchen.  {That never happened.}  So my great grandmother’s table and chairs went back to my uncle, foam flooring was put down, and all of Cole’s toys were moved in.  Then we decided to move the playroom downstairs where it was carpeted and near the den, and move the office upstairs to the dining room.  Zac built a desk and set up all of the computer and printer stuff, and it was an office for about a year.  Then he didn’t need a home office anymore, so we took out all of that stuff with the intention of turning it back into a dining room.

It’s full of random junk.

BUT!  We did acquire a nice sturdy china cabinet a little over a year ago, which Zac sanded and painted and moved up to the dining room.  It’s been in there about nine months, and nothing else has been done in that room.  And I am so sick of it.  I’m sick of eating on TV trays or holding a plate in my lap.  I’m sick of that stupid little IKEA table in the middle of my living room that is always ALWAYS messy.  I want a place to sit and eat dinner every night with my family.  I want room to set everything out and not have to continually run to the kitchen for this or that or the other.


So I think/hope that this little room renovation is starting today.  Zac has the good fortune of having a weekday off three weeks out of the month, and he takes care of household projects and chores that we can’t really get done with two little guys in the house.  If all goes well today, he will start building our new dining room table.  I sent him several plans from Ana White and The Art of Manliness and told him to pick the one he liked best or that looked the easiest.  He said earlier that he liked the one from TAOM best, which happens to be the same plan that Jill from Baby Rabies used when her husband built their table.  And it looks fantastic.

So I’m hoping that there will be lumber at home in my garage space when I get there this evening.  If it’s in my garage space, which is the biggest open space we have in the garage, then it will be done much faster since I kind of want to park in there.  I harbor no illusions that there will be any actual assembly today.  But maybe, just maybe, there will be some pieces of wood cut.  If it’s built within the next two weeks, that will give me time to straighten up and clean out the dining room so that we can actually get a table in there.  It can be done, right?  RIGHT?  And then we’ll have a family heirloom quality table that we can pass down to our kids.  Hopefully it turns out well.

I think I’ll shop for chairs now.  Keep this positive vibe going.  Have you built any furniture?  Did you love the process or was it a pain in the butt?

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