Handy iPhone Tip: Text Shortcuts!

I use my iPhone for pretty much everything every day. I check e-mails, handle banking and bill paying, keep up with social media, and read and comment on blogs on it. My iPhone is one of my very favorite things in the world and I would probably be totally lost without it.

The blog commenting kind of drives me crazy though, because I have to type in my name, e-mail address, and blog address {in a halfhearted attempt to drive a little traffic back to this humble little blog}. I know in the grand scheme of things it isn’t really a lot of time spent entering in all of that information. But by the time I enter my name, e-mail, and blog address, I’m just annoyed with the whole process.

This is where my handy iPhone tip comes into play.  I’ve seen this in a few different places on the Internet for shortening e-mail signatures and addresses, so I have adopted it to make my iPhone blog commenting a little easier. Instead of typing all of that out with my clumsy thumbs on a tiny little keyboard, where errors and omitted letters are sure to be prevalent, I created a couple of text shortcuts that will enter all of that information automatically when I enter just a few keys.  Observe:


{Yes, I am aware that it says rat hob.  Dawn even curr.}


{I did this for my personal e-mail as well, because I have to enter that on my iPhone A LOT.}

20130325-104550.jpg{So much easier than typing out that whole long URL.}

20130325-104609.jpg{And here it is in action on my own blog.  Easy!}

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut, then enter in your frequently used phrase or e-mail address or whatever, then choose a few keystrokes to shorten it.  {I’m sure there is a way to do this on Android devices, so just poke around in your settings if you are an Android user.}  Just make sure that the shortcut you choose isn’t a regular word.  That’s why I added the @ symbol on my e-mail shortcuts, because I typically sign off on e-mails with a simple ‘rb’ and I don’t need to replace every ‘rb’ with my full e-mail address.

It’s such an easy little thing to do, but I think it will save me so much time and annoyance.  I love text shortcuts {my favorite being the replacement of my oft-used ?! with an interrobang}, so I figure it would better serve me to actually use them to autofill phrases I use all the time instead of just using them for quirky punctuation.

It’s amazing how one little device can make life so much easier.  Do you have any most excellent iPhone tips and tricks?

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