Are you on Vine?

I love social media.  I love to share the minutae of my life.  It is a fantastic way to keep friends and family updated on the little things that go on that I wouldn’t necessarily blog about, but feel like sharing just because.  It’s probably the main reason my blog is suffering, according to, well, a lot of people out there on the blogosphere.  But I guess that’s another post for another time.  Or not.

The latest hot new social media app to come along appears to be Vine for iPhone.  It’s an app that lets you splice together bits and pieces of video into a six-second montage, and then you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, and within the Vine app.  I love it.  The videos people make range from quirky and cute, to artistic and cinema-like.  My friends post a lot of videos of their kids and their daily goings-on.  The Editors’ Picks lead you to a lot of really fun and interesting videos.  My personal favorite is Adam Goldberg.  Yes, the Hebrew Hammer himself.  His videos are insanely good.  It’s amazing what he can fit into six short seconds and still tell a little story. {Click the volume button to turn on sound}

Me?  I just post videos of my kids.

It’s a great way to share cute videos without going through the trouble of making a video, uploading to YouTube, and distributing a link.  And it’s fun to see how creative you can get within a six-second time frame.  Even my social media-eschewing husband loves it, so it must be awesome, right?

Find me on Vine, username:  Rachel Burks.  I’ll follow you back!

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