Night and Day

Cole and Cannon have very different personalities.  Cole, while silly and fun-loving and all boy, is typically fairly reserved and deliberate in everything he does.  He isn’t very reckless and likes to play it pretty safe.  Cannon, by contrast, is a wild man.  The boy knows no fear.  He decided one day that he was going to try to go down the stairs like we do.  So when he got to the first step, he just kept on walking.  Fortunately I was right there to grab his arm to keep him from tumbling down the stairs.  Unfortunately, now he thinks that is how it’s done.  Just walk to the edge, Mommy will save you!  That has given me more than one grey hair in the past several weeks.

I managed to snag a few clandestine moments of video on my iPad this past Saturday, the first minute or so of which captures the difference in their personalities perfectly.  Where Cole is calmly rocking on his horse, Cannon is absolutely losing his mind.  He is definitely our spirited one.

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