We’re hotel people.

In a former life, Zac and I used to love going on little weekend jaunts.  We’d drop the dogs off at the kennel and head to the beach or the mountains or to Charleston or to Savannah or the casinos in Mississippi.  That’s super easy to do when you’re DINKs.

Much to my dismay, we haven’t had many opportunities to travel since the kids came along.  We have been on two proper vacations and on little one-night or weekend stays a couple of times, but not nearly as much as we would like.  So when the opportunity arises for us to stay in a hotel, we jump on it.

My friend got married in Raleigh when Cole was a few months old, so we took Cole on his first real trip.  Zac planned a spur of the moment weekend in the North Georgia mountains at a huge swanky cabin when Cole was 9 months old.  Zac’s cousin’s second child’s first birthday party was in Nashville a couple of years ago, so we packed up our little guy and headed up there for a long weekend.  For Cannon’s first birthday we opted to stay at a hotel instead of with family so we could relax and unwind after what proved to be a fairly stressful day.

And this past weekend, we went to visit my grandfather in north Alabama.  It’s a 5-hour drive from us, and it’s also asking a lot for anyone to put us all up for the night, so we happily booked a room at the closest Hampton.  Cole was so excited about staying in a hotel.  I think that’s because his last two experience in a hotel were Disney World and the Hilton with an indoor pool in September.  🙂  Who wouldn’t love hotels if those were the only two you could remember?

So after a wonderful visit with a good majority of my dad’s side of the family, we packed up and headed over to our home for the night around 5:30.  This Hampton was clean and updated with a lot of nice modern elements and pleasing colors.  There was an indoor pool, which Cole noticed first thing and wanted to go swimming.  We had the foresight to pack our swimsuits, so after we ordered a pizza and had dinner we got changed and headed down to the pool.  After an hour or so of swimming, it was close to bedtime so we headed back up to our room to turn in for the night.

{Aside: swimming teachers, you have my respect.  Cole will NOT cooperate in the water when we try to teach him basic treading/swimming techniques, instead clinging to our necks for dear life.  So frustrating.  I feel sorry for the teachers who will be giving him swimming lessons this summer.}

Sunday morning we enjoyed the big continental breakfast, with a waffle station!  I love a waffle station.  Checkout was fast and we have a family member who manages a Hilton property so we got a fantastic friends and family rate.  Plus I got to accrue some Hilton HHonors points, which is always a plus.

We always have a good time staying with family up there, but our boys are getting increasingly rowdy and it’s hard to accommodate four extra people.  And I certainly didn’t want to drive an hour and a half back to Birmingham to stay with my parents.  This way we got to see my Grandaddy twice in one weekend.  Plus, hotels are just fun.  It’s like a little mini-vacation every time we stay in one.  It’s a nice change of pace from the ordinary, and the boys really see it as a special treat.

What about you?  Do you like to stay in a hotel or do you prefer the familiarity of staying with family?

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