Guess who’s back. Back again.

Happy New Year!

I tell you what, it certainly has been nice to unplug for the past week or so.  I had a couple of days to myself, and a lot more days with my sweet family, so I was able to recharge and spend some quality time with my boys.

However, as usual, I found myself to be incredibly lazy at home.  Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest, and all that.  So when January 2 rolled around, I was ready to return to work and our normal routine.

Christmas was great.  The boys are at really fun ages so it was awesome to see them enjoying their gifts and visiting with extended family together.  They tend to stick together when we are visiting people, which I think is really cute.  They loved their presents and enjoyed the world tour {as we like to call any of our travels}.

Now that we are back to real life, I guess it’s time to talk about resolutions.  I always make resolutions or loose goals at the beginning of each year.  Whether or not I stick to or achieve them is another story, but I do make them.  So let’s talk about this year’s top 3 resolutions.

Eat better.  The last two months of 2012 were basically a free-for-all of crap food.  With Zac being back at work, we had less time to cook and grocery shop and meal plan.  That translated to a lot of visits to restaurants and quick trips to the drive-through.  I can definitely see the damage in my waistline.  But more importantly, it’s hard to give your kids healthy choices when your options are chicken nuggets or a grilled cheese.  And no, getting apple slices instead of fries doesn’t really help much.  So we’re going to try to cook more at home, meal plan better so that dinners will be easy and we’ll both have leftovers for lunch, and try to stay away from traditional fast food restaurants in favor of Subway or similar restaurants.

Exercise more.  Who doesn’t make this resolution every January?  This year I think I will actually stick with it though.  I plan on playing tennis throughout the year instead of just during the fall.  And when it starts to warm up I plan on taking the boys to the park a lot on weekends, so I will hopefully be able to fit in a walk.  And, you know, there’s that treadmill in our den.  I guess I could utilize that more often.  Blah.

Save more money.  I’ve always been a pretty good saver.  I’m not a big spender and I don’t really like to shop, so what I do spend my money on will usually not need to be replaced very often.  I do like gadgets, so there’s that.  We were fortunate enough to have a little bit of a savings cushion last year, even though Zac had been at a much lower paying job for about two years.  We had enough that I was comfortable taking a vacation to Disney World, thinking that we could start building it right back up.  Then the Unthinkable happened, and we had to rely on that savings cushion to make it through Zac’s unemployment.  Thankfully, we made it through with some left over, but it really got me thinking.  If Zac had gone another two months, we would have been tapped out.  Broke, quite literally.  It made me really thankful that we had been pretty good at squirreling away our pennies, but also made me worry about the what-ifs.  So I am resolving to save even more this year.  Bonuses, dependent care reimbursements, Etsy sales, and any money I make from this blog will ideally go straight into savings.  Or at least 75% of those monies will.  I mean, I’d like to live a little.  We are closing on our mortgage refinance next week {YAAAAAAY} and will be saving around $500 a month from now on, so that will be HUGE in getting our savings back up to a level I’m comfortable with.

I’ve got a really good feeling about this year.  I think that things are going to continue to look up for us.  Last year was really hard for many reasons, but we came out of it a little harder, a little stronger, a little more seasoned.  If we can make it through adversities like we faced last year, then we should be good to go.

And now, since I’m sure you’ve missed these sweet faces,  how about some pictures of my boys?

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