NeuYear Calendar Review and Discount Code!

In an ongoing effort to further organize my life, I like to search for the perfect day planner or desk calendar. However, I stick with it for about three or four months, and then my resolve goes completely out the window. Thank goodness for Google Calendar integration on iPhones, right? I think I should get points for trying. I just can’t keep up with a paper calendar. My desk calendar gets papers piled up on it, so I forget to update it. I cleaned off my desk at work last week and looked at my desk calendar. It still displayed the month of June. Day planners get eaten by my car or the junk pile in the garage. But I try. I really do try.

You know that saying, opposites attract? It definitely applies to me and my husband. Where I am flighty and unorganized, he operates his schedule with military precision. He has desk calendars. He has day planners for work and home. He updates our Google Calendars immediately upon learning of an event or appointment. Seriously, within five minutes of scheduling a doctor appointment for the boys, I get an e-mail from him putting the appointment on my calendar.

So when I told him that I had been talking to Jesse at NeuYear about reviewing a wall calendar, he was like a kid at Christmas. He begged me to let him take it to work. I had planned on putting it on the door in the kitchen to keep track of everything, but then I thought, who am I kidding? So off to Zac’s office it went.

20121220-094941.jpgZac loves that the weeks are continuous.  He plans his life a week at a time, so he enjoys not having to skip down to the next month when the week spans two months.  And when I say this calendar is big, it is BIG.  Plenty of space to write all of your appointments.  This is a photo from when Zac first put it up, but he said he has scribbled all over it with appointments and work schedules and paydays.

Another thing that Zac mentioned about this calendar is the legend on the bottom of the vertical side.  I didn’t get a really close look at it, but he said you could assign different things to different places so that if you have a repeating task (like payroll) you could just give it a character and write the character on the days you have to do that task so that your calendar doesn’t get all cluttered and overly wordy.  Pretty handy!

These calendars are made with thick, quality paper.  It feels good to the hand and is easy to write on.  NeuYear also makes a dry-erase option.  AND they make an academic year calendar too!  This would be a great addition to any classroom or dorm room.  The colors are pleasing and the calendar is not busy at all.  I don’t see why anyone who leads a busy life would want a calendar with a lot of extra “stuff” on it.  Clean lines and minimalism are where it’s at, folks.

In addition to being a big fan of small business, I also love to support local Atlanta businesses, which NeuYear happens to be.  Jesse has generously provided a discount code for my readers!  At checkout at NeuYear, enter the code “HouseofBurks” to receive 30% off your order from now until December 31!  Can’t beat that with a stick.

Thanks to Jesse and NeuYear for the opportunity to use this fantastic calendar.  I hope you take advantage of the discount and get one of your own to enjoy!

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