The Battle of the Toys

How do you get your children to pick up toys?

Cole fights us tooth and nail every evening when it’s time to pick up the toys he’s gotten out that day.  Last night it culminated into an hour-long screaming crying fit that stretched my dear husband’s patience to the absolute limit.

He would rather us throw away his toys than pick them up without a fight.  Seriously?  The threat of throwing away toys doesn’t get his butt in gear?  He will literally come upstairs from being sent down to pick up his toys and say “I want Daddy to throw away my toys, please.”  No way, kid.

He pulls every trick in the book.  I have to use the bathroom, I’m sleepy, my foot hurts, my head hurts, Brother got these toys out.  Any excuse you can think of, he’s tried it.  It is extremely frustrating to have to go ten rounds with this kid over something as simple as picking up his toys.

He’s three years old, and we are trying to instill good habits while he is young {since I’m a bit on the messy side}.  We always help him and pick up the toys that the baby has gotten out since he’s not really old enough to be of any help.  But is he too young to clean up a playroom, even though it is as simple as picking up toys off the floor and putting them in any of the many storage bins available to him?  Is this just a preschooler stronghold?

Whatever it is, I’m over it.  My child shouldn’t have to cry for an hour before he loses the will to fight us.  What can I do to get him to cooperate with us in this area?  I’m seriously searching for some answers here.  If anybody has any tips, I would love to hear them.

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