Please let this be the new normal.

I’m almost afraid to talk about it.  I might jinx it.  But I will.

Cannon is sleeping through the night again.  Cue a chorus of angels singing.

The boys have started back to school full time, which is great on so many levels.  They are getting daily social interaction with their friends.  They are learning new things.  But best of all, they come home exhausted. 

Cole has asked every night to go to bed around 8:30.  Before last week, it was a fight to get him to go to sleep anytime before 9pm.  And now he asks to go to bed.  It’s nothing short of amazing.  And Cannon has slept through the night almost every night for the past week and a half.  I think it’s the combination of going back to school every day and transitioning from the baby room to the toddler room that is wearing him out.

It’s glorious.  It’s wondrous.  It’s splendiferous.  That’s a word.  Look it up.

I actually feel like a functioning human being again.  Even just a few hours of consistent, straight-through sleep makes a huge difference.  I’m accustomed to getting by on little sleep, but I do like for the little sleep I get to be consecutive.  Some nights?  I even go to bed when they do.  Sure, I may stay up for a little while with the iPad or crocheting something or talking to the hubby, but at least I’m resting my body a little and unwinding instead of just falling haphazardly into the bed and laying awake, unable to shut down my mind or body.

And yeah, this week the laundry has piled up a little, and there are some dishes in the sink, and little tumbleweeds of dog hair can probably be found roaming around the kitchen because I’ve been going to bed early and making the most of my children’s exhaustion.  But that’s okay.  I’m a little more rested and feeling a bit better about life these days.

Weekends are for chores anyway, right?

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