30 Days of Thanks! Day 3.

God love us, we are a family of people who love their Auburn Tigers.  For better or for worse, we have always been an Auburn family and always will.

This year, however, is not a good year to be an Auburn fan.  In fact, it is downright painful.  Up until today, we were 1-7 and still have some tough games down the pipe.  With Georgia and Bammer coming up, we only really have a chance to win one more game.  Anything’s possible, but a victory over either of those teams is not really probable.  And with the way the team has played this year, I’m a little iffy on winning against Alabama A&M.

But today, as we do every year, we packed up and went to Auburn’s homecoming game against New Mexico State.  We like to go to the homecoming game because there is always a lot going on but it’s typically not one of the more crowded games and with two little ones it’s just easier to not go to a high attendance game.

This was kind of a last minute trip for us {as in on Thursday I had to cancel my dentist appointment for this morning} but I’m glad we decided to go.  Not only because we actually won the game in a big way, but because it was a perfect day weather-wise and one of our last free Saturdays for a while.  The boys were on pretty good behavior, and we got to just walk around and enjoy a town that we have come to love over the past several years.

So today I am thankful for gorgeous weather, time with my precious family, and an Auburn win.  We had such a good day just doing nothing and enjoying the sunshine and breeze and pleasant temperatures, and also each other’s company.  War Eagle!

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