Just Dance 4 Game Review!

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Just Dance has been part of our holiday tradition for several years now.  We’ve been playing it with family since Cole was a little guy, and he has always enjoyed it almost as much as we have.  Take a look at this video of some cousins playing and Cole getting in on the action.  Forgive my cackling.

Even that young, Cole loved to dance.  And today he still loves to play Just Dance with us.  So when we got Just Dance 4 delivered to our doorstep, I couldn’t wait to get it into the Wii and start playing.

Cole was so excited to play this game.  He loved the music selections.  This version of the game includes some of his favorite songs, such as Moves Like Jagger, Call Me Maybe, and What Makes You Beautiful.  It also has some of my old favorites, like Rock Lobster, Istanbul, Hit ‘Em Up Style, and Never Gonna Give You Up.  The video dancer for Never Gonna Give You Up is hilarious, by the way.  It is a nice mix of new songs and songs from my childhood and teenage years, and you can purchase more songs for the game, including the ubiquitous Gangnam Style.

Cole gets really into the game.  He doesn’t like to hold the remote, instead choosing to stand in front of me and jam out.  Zac and I will sometimes play the battle mode.  I’m better at the game than he is, though.  This irritates him because he was in show choir in high school and fancies himself a good dancer, or at least a good follower of choreography.  It’s really fun to beat him at this game. 🙂

I like to play Just Dance for exercise by using the Just Sweat mode.  You would be amazed at how good a workout this game is!  If you do all the moves properly and don’t forget to do the footwork, you will burn a ton of calories.  Three or four songs in, you’ll be sweating up a storm.  This is great for staving off the turkey coma after a big Thanksgiving meal, and for burning off that second piece of pumpkin pie or third helping of dressing.

If you’re looking for a fun family game to keep the kids occupied during those holiday gatherings, or a chance to flex your competitive muscles with your cousins, then you’ll love Just Dance 4.  It’s a great way to have some fun and burn some calories during the food-filled Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and a great workout the rest of the year.  Thanks so much to UbiSoft for selecting me to review this game!



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