The Elusive Sleep.

We aren’t getting much sleep around the House of Burks lately.

Well, the big kid is.  But he’s about the only one.  But that little one.  Oh, that little one.  He’s the cause of this.  The dark circles under my eyes.  The need to mainline coffee throughout the day.  The feeling like my eyes are going to bleed from lack of sleep.  It’s all because of that little Cannon.

He better be glad he is so freaking cute.

This has been going on for weeks, nay, MONTHS, and I don’t know why.  He is fed.  His room is a comfortable temperature.  He has white noise.  His crib is comfy.  He goes to sleep just fine.  But for some reason he can’t stay asleep all night.  He wakes up about three or four hours after I put him down and just cries.  I’ve tried leaving him to fall back asleep.  He works himself into a frenzy.  I’ve tried going in there to comfort him back to sleep.  Frenzy.  So I do the only thing that allows me to possibly get back to sleep fairly easily:  I bring him to our room to finish sleeping.  He will nurse and fall asleep, wake up and nurse again, and basically use me as a human pacifier until he is good and asleep.  All well and good for him, but it doesn’t really help me get any more rest.

And I am so.  tired.

I suppose that is my lot in parenthood.  My kids aren’t good sleepers from about 9 months until they turn 2.  They are healthy as horses, rarely get sick, don’t go crazy when they teethe, are good eaters, and have generally pleasant dispositions {most of the time}.  But they don’t sleep well for awhile.

Cole is a great sleeper now.  But for about a solid year, he was waking up in the middle of the night, crawling into bed with us, yelling for us to come get him, just a no good very bad time.  And now that he has moved into the throat-slitting threes and makes me question my ability to keep calm long enough to raise children into adulthood, he is a great sleeper.  So I guess that’s the trade-off.

But you know, I’d rather have healthy non-sick well-behaved and adjusted children that don’t sleep well for awhile as opposed to great sleepers who have me in and out of the pediatrician’s office every other week or are general all around a-holes.  If that’s how it has to be, if for us it’s an either-or situation, then I’m willing to deal with not getting any sleep for a few several months.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll buy stock in Starbucks.

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