Shout Out! Big Cloud Media

As you might have noticed {unless you’re reading this in a reader of some sort}, I’ve started tinkering around this old place to try and spruce things up a bit.  As you might also know, I’m terrible at this kind of stuff.  And I’m also poor.  So to me, simple is better.  I use the free WordPress themes and cobble together my own buttons and headers and whatnot.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to move into the big leagues and get a professional blog design, but that day is not today.

Anyway, I just changed themes yesterday from Picolight to BirdTIPS because I wanted two sidebars instead of one.  The one sidebar was getting ridiculously long so I wanted to spread it out.  So I got it all installed and started moving my sidebar widgets around.  But for some reason I couldn’t get the far right sidebar to actually appear on the far right.  It kept getting hung up underneath the left sidebar.  I removed and replaced widgets, to no avail.  I changed the titles of the widgets to make them narrower.  Nothing.  It was incredibly frustrating.

So I put out an SOS on Twitter to see if any designers or WordPress experts could help me figure out my issue.  Yep, I basically begged for free technical advice on Twitter.  I have no shame.  But an unnamed hero manning the Big Cloud Media Twitter account came to my rescue.  This person offered up free advice, took a look at my website, and figured out my problem in literally five minutes.  I simply had to add a backslash in the right spot, and BOOM.  Two sidebars.  They expected nothing in return, and were happy just to have been able to help me.  It’s hard to get customer service that good when you’re a paying customer.  But some rando mommy blogger three states away who isn’t even a client?  That’s more than good customer service.  That’s just being good people.

When I’m ready to make the leap and can actually put some time and money into this place, Big Cloud Media has jumped to the top of my list.  A company I hadn’t even heard of until yesterday.  Who just took pity on a poor HTML-stupid blogger and decided to do her a solid.  If this is the kind of service a nonpaying person gets, I definitely want to see what a paying client rates.

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