Serious question.

How long can a human being go without sleep?  How long can one be a productive, functioning member of society with little to no sleep at night?  I honestly need to know the answer to this question, so I can prepare for the upcoming meltdown.  Another question: can I give my child Benadryl solely to get him to sleep longer?  I’m only halfway joking.

Last night was awful.  Cannon would not go to sleep for all of Midas’ gold.  He was acting really cranky so I tried to put him to bed shortly before 8pm.  Not having it.  Not having ANY of it.  He didn’t end up falling asleep until after 10pm, and that’s only because he was in the bed with us.  Then he woke up sporadically throughout the night, wanting to nurse and just generally being a pill.  He was up for good at 4:30.  Would not go back to sleep.  I was tired of being a human pacifier, so I just turned over and let him fuss.  Of course Zac can just sleep through all of this, or ignore it, one of the two.  So at about 5:15 I just said “screw it” and got up for the day.  Lo and behold, I actually made it to work on time this morning.  🙂

I have no idea why he is not sleepingat all.  I’m accustomed to one wake-up during the night, but just flat out not sleeping?  This is unusual.  And while I could get up at 5:15 every morning, it would be a little more bearable if I had actually gotten some semblance of sleep the night before.

I just wish I knew how long this will last.  I can deal with pretty much anything as long as there is an end in sight.  I can push through any adversity if I can see the finish line.  But kids are unpredictable.  He could start sleeping through the night again tonight.  He could not sleep through the night again for months.  Last weekend he slept until 4am and it felt like Christmas come early.  Then the next night he was up two or three times.  It’s the not knowing that is the most frustrating part.

I just want sleep.  For everyone.  It’s not even so much about me {okay, maybe it is}.  I feel like Cannon is not getting enough sleep at night.  He naps twice during the day for about two hours at a time, but I don’t think that makes up for the lack of solid sleep he is getting at night.  Lack of sleep makes him cranky, which makes me cranky, which makes Zac cranky.  And Cole is three, so you can just imagine his demeanor at any given moment.

Sigh.  That baby is lucky he is so freaking cute.

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