No weddings, just a funeral.

First of all, thank you for your kind words and thoughts.  I felt them all and love this little community that we have dug out for ourselves on the interwebs.  We had my grandmother’s funeral service on Saturday in Athens, Alabama.  It was all done in one day, mostly for Grandaddy, who is in a nursing home and it is very hard to get him out and about for longer than a day.  I think I like funerals better when they are done that way, if I can ever say that I “like” a funeral.  It’s hard on people {at least on me} to go through two days of funeral with the visitation the night before the funeral service.  I much prefer to do it all in one day, if I have any say in logistics.

The service was very nice, and I think Grandmother would have been happy with how many people came to honor her memory.  She looked lovely, dressed in a suit that Grandaddy sewed for her many years ago.  We brought the boys with us because we didn’t really have any other option, and because she was their great grandmother and even though Cannon won’t remember her, Cole will and will likely remember her funeral.  Fortunately, they were both on their best behavior and made everyone smile during such a sad time.  It made me happy to see him being so sweet with Grandaddy and I know it lifted Grandaddy’s spirits just a bit.  My uncle on my mother’s side came to the funeral, and he offered to watch them outside of the chapel so they wouldn’t be a distraction during the service.  I could hear them from the family seating area for the vast majority of the service.  🙂

Even though the premise for the weekend was very sad, I can say that we had a good time overall.  I love visiting Athens and being with my family, and it is not often that we can all be together for an extended amount of time.  They love my boys so much and it is so much fun to go to my uncle’s house and play with their puppies and turn my kids loose on unsuspecting family members so I can have a conversation or eat a meal without being crawled all over.  I got to sit down and just relax, and even work on a little crochet project for a bit before they spotted me and decided that Mommy enjoying herself without them just wouldn’t do.  It wouldn’t do at all.

And I tell you, if ever there was a silver lining to a funeral, it’s the food.  What a spread we had back at my uncle’s house.  Seriously.  Little old church ladies bringing you dishes and dishes of comfort food?  Have mercy.  I don’t think I have ever seen so much food in my life, and every last bite of it was delicious.  There was this cheesy hash brown casserole that I must have had three helpings of.  It didn’t help that I didn’t eat lunch on Saturday and hadn’t had anything to eat since about 7:30 that morning.  After the service was over around 3:00, I remembered that we had half a pumpkin scone and half a McDonald’s biscuit in the car from breakfast.  I was so hungry that I dug it out and ate the biscuit, and I would have eaten the scone too but my aunt saw me with it and gave me her best Oliver Twist face.  Please sir, I want some more!  Needless to say, we were all good and ready for some food when it was all said and done.  I was still in Eat Your Feelings mode so I am pretty sure that I undid all of my {not very} hard work and put those 5 pounds back on in one fell swoop.  {We have a scale at work, so I just checked.  Yep.  It’s all back.  Cripes.}

So, long story short, funerals are sad, spending time with your family is good, funeral food is the best silver lining of all, and eating your feelings never ends well. 


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