Three and One

Parenting a one-year old is easy.  They {at least mine} are all snuggles and giggles and babbling and crawling and cuteness.  I have an easy time with my kids being 1.  So parenting a one-year old is easy.

Parenting a three-year old is a whole different animal.  They {at least mine} are fickle and temperamental and moody and talking and sassing and running and crazyness.  Three is sometimes difficult.

Parenting both at the same time?  Madness.  It is crazy having to go back and forth between the way I parent a 1-year old and the way I parent a 3-year old.  You can’t reason with a 1-year old.  And a 3-year old refuses to listen to reason.  Naptimes are off when they occur at all.  They like different activities, require different stimulation, eat different foods.  They don’t like the same books or the same music or even the same kids shows.  The 3-year old plays too rough for the 1-year old.  The 1-year old doesn’t play the way the 3-year old wants him to play.  But God forbid he touch one of the 3-year old’s toys tat he isn’t even playing with at the time, and God forbid the 1-year old play with one of his OWN toys when the 3-year old doesn’t want him to.

I know that as they get older it will get easier.  The 1-year old will become more like the 3-year old, and the 3-year old will hopefully grow out of his 3-year oldness.  They will be able to play better together as they are increasingly able to interact and communicate with each other.  The scheming and conspiring and fighting and wrestling is coming.  I just know it.

It’s so hard for me to watch my babies get older.  Especially with the 1-year old, because I know what’s coming.  I know he’s going to turn into a temperamental and unpredictable 3-year old in a short time.  I can only hope that my now 3-year old will continue to grow and mature and become more manageable as he moves into 4 and 5 and beyond.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my 3-year old so very much.  The good days are wonderful.  He is so smart and funny and creative and loving.  He is amazing.  I do try to keep that in mind when he is having one of his 3-year old “moments”.  They are pretty few and far between, so I guess that is a mercy.

Still.  He better be glad he’s cute.

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