The Disney World Post, Part 3: Recap {Tuesday – EPCOT}

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I would say that Tuesday was our most low-key day.  All the activity was really starting to get to the boys, so we thought a half day at EPCOT and some relaxing at our resort would be the best plan of action.  We were right.


It was really hot on Tuesday.  Like, really hot.  But we soldiered on toward EPCOT around midmorning.  We did the typical “pretend like you’re holding the giant golfball” photos and took some photos of the beautiful flower displays, and then headed toward the fountain to cool off in the mist.  We knew ahead of time that we wouldn’t be exploring all of EPCOT because Zac and Cole really wanted to spend an afternoon at CBR’s amazing pool.  So we checked out the shops near Spaceship Earth and got Cole a Mickey visor, and then meandered over to the Coral Reef for our lunch reservation.

What a cool place.  The restaurant looks into a HUGE aquarium, so you definitely feel like you are underwater.  There are four tiers in the restaurant so that every table has a good view of the tank.  We were seated on the second tier, which in my opinion is the prime spot for tank viewing.  You’re not right up on the glass like you would be if you sat tankside, and from the second tier you can see multiple panes of the tank for maximum fish viewing.  Zac and I both ordered the grilled New York Strip steak with roasted potatoes and vegetables, and Cole got a cheese pizza.

For dessert we both got the Chocolate Wave, which is a chocolate lava cake served with raspberry gelato.  I could have eaten a gallon of that gelato, it was so delicious.  {Photo is from The Disney Food Blog, because I, um, ate mine before I thought about taking a picture of it.}

After our bellies were full we paid a visit to the Baby Care Center and checked out about a fourth of the World Showcase, but then decided to abandon EPCOT and the scorching temperatures in favor of an afternoon at the CBR pool and more importantly, a nap.  We stopped by the Edy’s store to cash in some snack points before leaving.  I don’t know why that ice cream is so good, but it is just heavenly.  And I swear to you they pump out the smell of the waffle cones to the outside to draw you in.  It works.

We had a nice afternoon at the pool.  Cole and I spent a lot of time in the big pool while Zac and Cannon napped in a chair.  Then Cole wanted to go to the beach at our village, so we headed over there for another hour or so.  Then it was time to head back to the room to relax and hopefully get the big kid down for a nap.  It started sprinkling when we were packing up to go inside, and it remained fairly wet for the next couple of hours.

After resting for a while, we decided to visit Downtown Disney even though it was still slightly drizzly.  We didn’t know if we would have another chance, so we took advantage of the extra time in the evening to visit.  Next time we definitely plan to spend more time at Downtown Disney.  They had a TON of cute shops and stores, and I know we didn’t even scratch the surface of what it has to offer.  By the time we got there the rain had reduced to a little mist, so we walked to Wolfgang Puck Express for a quick service dinner.  I got a basic chicken tenders, fries, and salad so I could share with Cole.

That creme brulee cheesecake was entirely too delicious.  Cole, however, fell asleep in the car and remained asleep through being gotten out of his carseat and the walk to the restaurant.  Zac laid him down on the bench and he slept through the whole dinner.

He finally woke up as we were walking around Downtown Disney.  We decided to forego the stroller just because we thought it would be easier, so Cannon hung out in the Ergo in a hip carry position.

I swear that thing is a lifesaver.  {Also, hello arm fat.}  We just wandered around, checking out shops and performances and a GIANT Lego store with giant Disney scenes built out of Legos.

And there were dinosaurs, which you already saw above.

We walked by Fulton’s and made a mental note to add it to the list of places to eat at on our next trip.  We also caught a Michael Jackson tribute done by a dance troupe, and it was a lot of fun to sing and dance along.  I started getting tired and sweaty from carrying that 20-pound {at the time} baby of mine, so we called it a night around 9pm.  I was ready to get to sleep so we could wake up for the next fun-filled day.

Stay tuned for my favorite part of the trip: Hollywood Studios!

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