FFF = Five Things Friday! {Linkup}

It’s Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday!  It seems like these posts are getting closer and closer together.  The weeks are speeding by!  I’m going to keep this short as I have a lot to do for the party this weekend, but here are five things that are revving my motor this week.  No pics, use your imaginations.  Oh, and link up if you’re interested! I’d love to read your FFF posts.

Progress.  Yesterday morning was the weigh-in for week 2 of my weight loss challenge group.  According to the scale, I’ve dropped another 2 pounds, which brings me to 5.5 pounds total.  That means I accomplished my first mini-goal of losing 5 pounds!  It’s also good to know that I can kick it up a notch by being consistent with my exercise and watching what I eat more carefully, because my exercise has been pretty sporadic and my diet has not really been that great this week.  However, with Cannon’s birthday party being this weekend and us traveling, I’m really hoping that I don’t gain any of those 5 pounds back.  If I hold steady, I’ll call that a victory.

Doctor Who.  I have dabbled in this show every now and again, watching bits and pieces of it whenever it was on BBC America or the SciFi {SyFy} Channel.  But this week I’ve decided that I want to watch the whole {modern} series, start to finish.  So I’ve been watching an episode here and there, usually before bed every night, and I have found that it is a delightfully weird and wacky show.  I’m still in the Christopher Eccleston era, but I’m very much looking forward to David Tennant as the Time Lord.  {pushes up nerd glasses}

#Hashtags.  I love hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, but not for the reason you might think.  Yes, I do like that I can see all tweets or pictures pertaining to a particular hashtag.  But the real reason I love hashtags is that I like funny ones.  Like when the Olympics were going on, some of my friends on Twitter started trolling them using the hashtag #ORLYMPICS.  Those were some of the funniest tweets I have ever read.  Or #HEEEYYYYYYSEXYLADYYY to refer to Psy’s song Gangnam Style or whatever it is.   I especially love the hilarious #Pray4 hashtags.  Instead of a celebrity or cause du jour, my friends will make up something ridiculous and hashtag it, such as #Pray4MileysHair.  A friend created a hashtag for her wedding and it was fun to read all the tweets coming from that event.  I use one for when I talk about Cannon’s birthday party.  My new favorite hashtag is #WELP.  It’s just a funny tag that from what I gather just means “well, there ya go.”  But note this: hashtags are NOT for Facebook.  #getitright

Printables.  Since we have been in birthday party planning mode, we’ve been looking for inexpensive ways to add some cute touches to what will likely be a pretty plain venue.  I have never seen the place we are having the party, so I don’t really know what we are going to do to decorate it besides hang a banner.  So we have found some cute free printables in a pirate motif.  Cupcake toppers, treasure map water bottle labels, pennant banner, etc.  Hopefully it will be cute enough.  But there are so many free and inexpensive printable party sets on blogs and Etsy that you could have any kind of party imaginable and there will be a printable set for it!

Payday.  Because obviously.

And that looks like that will do it for this week!  What’s getting your motor running?  Link up below!

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