And now he is 1.

{My sweet sweet baby is 1 year old today!  I can’t believe it has been an entire year since he was born.  It has been the fastest year of my life, and I’m so afraid that they are going to just keep going by faster and faster from now on.  It makes me so sad that he isn’t a “baby” anymore, but I love watching him grow and learn and change every day.}

My sweet Cannon,

Happy first birthday, my dear sweet baby boy!  I can’t believe you are a whole year old today.  Where did the past year go?  You are such a joy to our family.  I had no idea of my heart’s capacity to love this much.  I thought our hearts were full after your older brother was born, but we were wrong.  You have filled our hearts to bursting.  I didn’t know I could love another baby this much.  I know love isn’t a pie chart and we don’t take love away from one person to be able to give it to another, but it’s just so hard to fathom being able to love two children so much until you have two children to love.

And love you we do.  So very much.  You have made each of us so incredibly happy.  From the moment we found out we were expecting you, you have brought us joy.  Joy that my body was capable of doing what it wouldn’t do when we were trying to get pregnant for the first time.  Joy that we would have another baby to love, because your daddy and I both adore babies.  Joy that our Coley would have a sibling, and then joy later when we found out he would have a little brother to be friends with and play games with and scheme and conspire with.  Joy in another textbook, boring, perfectly healthy pregnancy, and joy when again my body did what it was supposed to do and I went into labor.  Although we had to hurry things up and get you out before the day was over by C-section, I wouldn’t change a single thing.  I loved having you to ourselves for the first night of your outside life.  I loved your brother being first visitor you had.  And I have loved every minute of your life since that day.

You are such a chill baby.  You rarely cry, and even then it is when you are extremely tired or hurt.  You are content to play with toys by yourself or with your brother, but sometimes just crawl or toddle over to us for a snuggle.  You have breastfed like a champ for the past year and we are still going strong.  I think you will be a difficult one to wean because you are so attached to breastfeeding, haha.  Hopefully it will be an easy process for both of us, but I’m not in a huge hurry.

Your favorite food right now is Cheerios, with spaghetti coming in a close second.  You hate sippy cups but will gladly drink out of a cup with a straw or a plastic water bottle.  You’re not an adventurous eater yet, shaking your head at any food you find suspicious, but I’m hoping you will decide to broaden your horizons soon.  Now that you are a year old we will start giving you a larger variety of foods, so hopefully you will find some new things you like to eat.

You love to play with your big brother’s toys, especially his cars.  If turned loose in the playroom, you will head straight for a car or truck and drive it around on the train table.  Or throw it.  It’s about 50/50.  But a car or a toy that your big brother gives you is the best thing EVER.  You love to pass toys back and forth to Cole in the car, and he enjoys interacting with you as well.  It melts my heart to see you boys play together.  I’m so glad you are so close in age and will grow up to {hopefully} be good friends.

You are starting to mimic our actions more and more.  We have started working on sign language with you, and hopefully you will pick it up easily like your brother.  You wave bye bye, clap your hands and say yay, and do the “touchdown” signal. That’s a favorite of your daddy’s.  You also lean in and give big wet open-mouthed kisses.  Words you say include bye bye, yay, mama, dada, night night, and a whole lot of gibberish that is really amusing.  We are so looking forward to your continued development as you grow and learn.  This was such a fun time in Cole’s life, and we are looking forward to experiencing it again.

Cannon, we love you so much.  I can’t say that enough.  I know the day will come when that will embarrass you, so I will soak up these days of kisses and snuggles while I can.  You are our silly little guy, our joy, and the other half of my heart.  Words cannot describe how much we love you, but I will tell you every day {even when it embarrasses you}.

To the moon and back,

Mommy, Daddy, and Coley

{And now what everyone wants: smash cake pictures!}

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