I am so weak.

Why can I not give up caffeine completely?  I feel so much better when I get it all out of my system.  After that first week of withdrawal symptoms, life is okay.  I sleep better, the baby sleeps better, I’m happy with just drinking water all day, which is much better for me than drinking coffee or soda.

But then I’ll have a bad night with little sleep.  And I get to work the next morning, and there is fresh coffee already made and waiting for me.  There is a variety of creamer, endless supply of sugar, even some flavored syrup or hot chocolate mix.  It calls to me.  Or the cooler full of ice cold sodas, housing any kind of soda I could ever want {except for Cherry Coke, which I am glad we don’t have because I would drink my weight in it daily}.  Placed strategically next to the soda cooler is an industrial ice machine that pumps out Sonic ice.  That lovely crunchy pellet ice that is just begging for a frosty bubbly beverage to be poured over it.  It is a siren song that I just cannot resist on a sleepy day.

And lately, I’ve been combining these two forms of kryptonite into delicious homemade iced coffee concoctions.  Someone put a bottle of Starbucks vanilla syrup at the coffee station for general use.  It has made my iced coffees delightful.  I put enough coffee in the fridge in the mornings for a mid-morning iced coffee and one in mid-afternoon when the caffeine high starts to dissipate.  Coffee, milk, creamer, syrup, ice, and yum.

But now where I had previously only been drinking water all day, I am now drinking coffee followed by water followed by coffee.  More coffee than I have ever been accustomed to, and less water than my body is now used to taking in.  It is making me cranky.

So this week I’m going to try to cut it down to one iced coffee per day, and the rest of the time drink water.  I am not sure I can ever completely cut the iced coffee deliciousness out completely.  I’ve spent too much time perfecting my concoction to just do away with it.  But those morning Coke Zeros are a thing of the past.

Starting tomorrow.  Because I’ve already had one.  SEE?!  WEAK.

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