The Disney World Post, Part 2: Recap {Monday – Animal Kingdom}

{Part 1 of my Disney World recap can be found here.}


Animal Kingdom day!  I was really looking forward to going to AK.  Even though I had visited WDW as a child, we only went to MK so everything from Monday on would be new for me as well!  We got up early and cashed in our snack points for breakfast items to take on the bus.  The bus ride took us past the water parks; they are definitely on the must-visit list when the boys get older.

When we arrived we went straight to the Baby Care Center.  Everywhere we went I made it a point to go there first so that I knew exactly where it was for fast reference.  Outside the Baby Care Center, I found a $100 bill.  You want to talk about internal struggle?  I had it.  But I knew if I had lost $100 I would at least try to find it, so we doubled back to the Lost and Found at the entrance and turned it in.  They told me if nobody claimed it they would mail it to me.  Either the owners claimed it or one of the cast members pocketed it, but I still check the mail hoping….

After walking back and forth from the Baby Care Center to the entrance, it was almost time for our character lunch at Tusker House in Africa.  We got to meet Donald Duck outside and have our picture taken with him.  The wait was really long for some reason, even for those of us with ADR.  It was about 45 minutes between the time we checked in to the time we went inside.  That was no fun because it was really hot outside and both boys were restless.  But we finally made it inside and to our table.  The food was a really large buffet with just about any kind of food you could imagine.  The inside of the restaurant was really fun.  It was decorated like a street bazaar with colorful drapings hanging from the ceiling and lots of light, and the different areas of the buffet were set up on street vendor carts, which was a really cute touch.  We got to our table and got our drinks ordered, and then hit the buffet.  My favorite dish was the Marrakesh couscous and pork tenderloin.  They had all manner of spicy hand carved meats and rice and vegetables, and even some regular fare for the less adventurous eaters, like sandwiches and mashed potatoes and salad.  They also had a wide variety of bite size desserts and a cart of fresh whole fruits.  We loaded up the diaper bag with bananas, apples, and oranges to snack on later in the day, which really helped us out that afternoon and the next morning for breakfast.  All through this meal, the Disney character staples were walking around in safari gear, signing autographs and posing for pictures.  Cannon grabbed some more noses and Cole couldn’t believe that we were seeing all of his favorite characters again.

After lunch we got fastpasses for the Kilimanjaro Safaris and wandered around Africa looking at the animal exhibits and shops.  Then it was time for the safari!  We parked the stroller and loaded the safari bus and set out.  There were SO many animals to see on the safari.  Cole loved seeing all of the giraffes and ostriches and gorillas.  We got a lot of good photos and it was nice to sit down and rest for a little while.

After the safari we followed the afternoon parade over to DinoLand USA.  {Lots of parades at WDW.}  Cole and I rode the TriceraTop Spin {another Dumbo-esque ride} while Zac got some drinks for us, and then we headed over to Finding Nemo: The Musical.  We decided to check it out on a lark, and I’m really glad we did.  it was so cute!  I can’t wait to see some other musicals like this one.  The musical lasted about 45 minutes and gave us a good rest and kept Cole and Cannon both occupied.  We sat in the bubble zone so toward the end of the musical our entire section got showered with bubbles, which Cole LOVED.  After the musical let out it was about 5:30 and a little rainy and lightning-y, so we didn’t have time to explore Asia or the rest of AK.  So we headed back to CBR for a light dinner.

On the way back to CBR, however, the clouds started really gathering.  After arriving back at the resort for dinner and wandering around Old Port Royale for a bit, we decided we had better make a break for our room before the bottom fell out.  We didn’t get very far before the pouring rain came.  We hunkered down in a little gazebo with a few other guests and covered the boys as best we could until it slacked up enough to make a run for it.  Needless to say, we were all soaked to the skin and freezing by the time we made it to our room.  After a bath and some warm jammies for the boys, it was off to bed so we could be rested for EPCOT the next day.

{Part 3 coming up later this week when I get some more pictures uploaded!}

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