Simultaneous Husband Win and Fail

My sweet husband.  He tries, God love him.

So I’m all disappointed that I can’t watch the Olympics because we don’t have cable television.  I’ve been lamenting this fact for the past two weeks.  So my dear husband has surreptitiously been checking out deals on cable television providers so that I could watch the Olympics.  Yesterday he found a deal on cable TV that was just a few dollars more than what we are currently paying for internet, so his master plan was to get it all done yesterday and have the Olympics playing when I got home.

Would have been a nice surprise.

Except the first available appointment the installers had is for next Friday.  As in the final day of the Olympics.  And try as he did, there was no way to get the equipment hooked up and running himself.  So it was all kind of a pointless exercise.

But I still love him for trying.

At least we still have internet.

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