Safees Safety Reflectors Review & Giveaway!

Johanna at Safees sent me a few sample packs of some adorable safety reflectors a few weeks back.  We’ve had a good time playing with them when we are out and about.  They are very simple little things, but sometimes the smallest little thing can make a BIG difference.

How many times has the slightest little glimmer of light caught your attention?  How many times have you come up on a cyclist or jogger in the evening wearing no reflective gear whatsoever and thought, “wow, they should really wear something that catches the light and lets people know they are there!”?  Safees do just that.  They are small plastic reflectors that attach to your bag, your clothes, or even around your wrist, to give people a better chance of seeing you in low light situations.  I picked out this cute little guy for myself:

They have several other designs: bears, horses, cars, balls, dogs, smiley faces, snowflakes, and others.  Cole picked out a green car for himself, and Zac got a white dog.  Each reflector is about 2.75″ tall by 2″ wide.  I’ve kept my little owl on my pump bag for a couple weeks and in addition to being a safety item, it’s just cute to look at and gives my boring black Medela bag a little bit of color and fun.

You can choose to attach the Safee to anything that can thread the hole {a lot of electronics or camera lanyards would be a good choice} or you can purchase a spiral clamp attachment for $1 extra.  We got the clamps because it would be easy to just clip a reflector to the back of Cole’s shirt or the hood of the stroller.  I clipped my owl’s spiral attachment to itself to make a “bracelet” around my bag’s shoulder strap.  This would be a good way to wear the reflector as a bracelet or wrap on the handle of a stroller.

With a 3-year old who loves to be outside and who loves to ride his bike and 4-wheeler, we have been getting plenty of use out of these Safees.  It’s hard to capture on film the exact moment the sun hits a small piece of plastic on a child who is moving very fast, but hopefully you get the gist.

They clip on and clip off, no damage done to clothes or equipment or anything.  I like the fact that I can keep the reflector on my child instead of on a piece of equipment, because he has been known to go from running to biking to 4-wheeling back to running in the span of about five minutes.  If we go for a walk in the evening and the boys are in the stroller, I just clip the reflector to the side of the canopy so that it can be seen by oncoming traffic.  They would be great for school kids walking home from school or the bus stop, especially in the winter months when it gets darker earlier.

I like having a little extra protection on my kids and myself when we are out and about in the neighborhood without having to actually wear a reflective article of clothing.  Because let’s face it, I really don’t want to go for a run in a neon yellow shirt with reflective stripes all over it.  And since I’ve enjoyed using these little reflectors, I figure a couple of you might enjoy them just as much.  So, how would you like to win a set of Safees for up to 5 family members?  Better yet, how would TWO of you like to win a set of Safees?  Because I’ve got two prizes up for grabs in this giveaway!  Use the Rafflecopter widget below for easy entries.  Good luck!

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