I love having a baby.

I have honestly enjoyed every stage of Cole’s life.  Well, three is kind of a bear.  But as I have gone through the years with my first child, I have thought that every new age was my favorite.  There is always something new and different and special with each month that passes.  Even at age 3, it is fun {most of the time}.  He is becoming a little person, developing preferences, expressing his personality.  Hopefully we will all continue to grow together and enjoy the stages of life as they come along.

But having another child has made me realize something: I love having a baby.  Getting to go through all the ages and stages again has been so wonderful.  I love having a tiny newborn.  There is no greater feeling than the way you feel when you hold your newborn baby for the first time, after nine long months of waiting to meet them.  Putting your baby in the car for the first time, bringing them into your home for the first time, putting them to sleep in their bassinet or crib for the first time, first bath, first poopy diaper, first everything.  I love every second of it.

There is just something about a little tiny baby.  The way they snuggle into your neck.  Their tiny little cries.  The funny faces they make.  The sleep smiles and giggles.  Wearing them around in a wrap.  I love how I feel like a brand new person the morning after they sleep through the night for the first time {even though it is usually short-lived}.  I even enjoy nursing after the first few cringeworthy latches.

Most of me is content with my two boys.  I was content with only having one child, until we found out we were expecting a little surprise.  I couldn’t imagine life with another baby.  Now I couldn’t imagine my life without Cannon.  I can’t imagine Cole not having his brother.  I can barely remember what life was like before Cannon was born.  And I guess that’s the way it is with all kids.  They are such life-changing forces.

Most of the time our family feels complete.  And it’s really perfect for us.  One kid per adult.  We all fit comfortably into a sedan.  We would have automatic rollercoaster partners at amusement parks.  Everybody has a flight buddy.  Each parent has a hand to hold and a hand to keep free.  Being a family of four is great, and we are thrilled and content and full to bursting to be these boys’ parents.

And then there’s another part of me that just wants to throw our lives into complete and utter chaos by having a third child in a couple of years.  So as soon as we get used to sleeping again, traveling with two small children, budgeting, getting Cole into school, figuring out school and work, and just going along our merry way as a family of four, I am probably going to get the itch to put it all into complete upheaval because I’ll miss having a squishy baby.  We’ll see if my dear husband sees it my way.

I can never do anything the easy way, right?  It seems to be my lot in life.

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