Hair Tutorial: Beachy Waves Without the Beach



We’ve all seen the pins for how to get that beachy wave look.  They all consist of various steps that include either heat, a headband, a hair tie, some kind of salt spray or product, and other amounts of work that I was never willing to put into achieving a “messy” look.  Fortunately for me, I’ve discovered a way to give myself that “fresh from the beach” hair without any of that stuff.  All you need is your hair and your two hands.

To achieve my no heat, no product, no extraneous paraphernalia messy beachy waves look, all you have to do are follow these simple steps:

1.  Wake up late for work.

2.  Rush around the house like a madwoman with your hair in a towel.

3.  Start to dry your hair and realize you don’t have time to dry it all the way.

4.  Say “screw it” and head off to work with damp hair.

5.  On the way to work, divide your hair into two sections and pull one in front of each shoulder.

6.  Every time you are stopped in traffic, twist both sides of your hair tightly in the same direction.  I go counterclockwise.

7.  When you finally arrive at work, shake your hair to loosen the twists.  Run your fingers through them if you must, but DON’T BRUSH.  If you find your hair is still damp when you get to work, remember to dry it just a little longer next time before you rush out the door.

8.  Pretend you meant for your hair to look like that and be pleasantly surprised that it looks halfway decent.

And there you have it.  Depending on the length of your commute and the initial dampness of your hair, you should be good to go with a dry head of wavy hair by the time you get to work.  It may not be pin-worthy, but it’s definitely working mom approved.

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