Cole the Party Crasher

This past weekend we went to the mall so the boys could get haircuts, Zac with his regular stylist {who I have been affectionately calling our Russian for the past several years, only to find out that she is actually Brazilian, but speaks Russian as well as several other languages} and Cole at JC Penney, who was having a free haircuts for kids promotion.  Turns out the free haircuts were only for kindergarten through sixth grade, and nowhere did it say that on the sign, nor did anyone ask the age of the child when we called to make the appointment, BUT I DIGRESS.

So after running from the food court to JC Penney and leaving when I found out that they were going to charge us for a regular haircut, Cole and I made our way to the complete and total opposite side of the Mall of Georgia where Zac’s salon is located.  We decided to sit outside and wait for him to get done so Cole didn’t disrupt the rest of the salon {since he was a complete and total bear on Saturday}.  There is a kids’ salon next to the adult place, run by the same people.  Cole has had his hair cut there before.  Outside the kids’ salon is a small raised runway with lights and a sound system, controlled by the salon itself.  The lights and music were on and there were kids dancing on the runway, so Cole and I wandered over there and he turned to me and said, “Mommy, can I go dance with the kids?”  I told him he could, and off he went.  I present for your viewing pleasure the following video.  Pay close attention to the last three seconds of audio.

Yes, time for cake.  Because it was a BIRTHDAY PARTY that we completely crashed.  Apparently the kids’ salon does birthday makeover parties where a group of kids can get their hair and nails and makeup done and then strut their stuff on the runway outside the salon.  So Cole was all up in that mix for an entire song and I’m standing there recording it like a jackhole.  And then when the other kids started making their way back into the salon, he just filed in line right along with them for cake!  He is, after all, my son.  I went and grabbed him, saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was a party!”  So embarrassing.

Hopefully the other parents thought Cole was cute and didn’t side-eye me too much.  I still get embarrassed just watching the video.  But at least he had a good time!

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