Random iPhone Photos

Because I know you love these, right?  Who doesn’t love random iPhone/Instagram snaps?  I honestly haven’t had time to write anything this week to even be able to schedule anything because we have been so busy, and we are learning a new case management system at work so we’ve been busy with training classes and figuring things out.  So this might be a slow week around here.

Okay, shall we?


Oh my dear heavens, that thigh chub.


A picture of a picture.  Oscar does a good derp face.


Just when we think his hair can’t get any crazier, a cockatoo.


So, funny story here.  Today at work, I was walking out of the office where I pump, and I twisted my ankle and fell down.  I was literally just walking, not even walking fast or recklessly, just plain ol’ walking.  In Birkenstocks, the flattest of flat shoes ever in existence.  {Yes, I still wear Birkenstocks.  Wanna fight about it?}  I went down on my knee and banged my face into the door.  My ankle is twisted up fairly badly, but I can at least walk on it.  It is swollen and hurts, though.  I think I may try to get in to see the doctor tomorrow.  I swear I am the clumsiest person ever.


UPS turns me into a 12-year old.  Totally got the giggles.



This is a photo collage I used to create a birthday card for my dad using the iPhone’s Cards app.  I had no idea this app even existed until last week.  And now I can create personalized cards with pictures of my boys for our family, and mail them from within the app!  I just sent my first one to my dad for his birthday, and he should get it this week.  I can’t wait to see it!

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